Leader Sports, Culture and Welfare

Do you know how to lead your team in a powerful way with a broad vision to realize the tasks in a professional way? Are you an active sparring partner for colleagues, management and the board and do you have a good sense of relationships? We encourage you to respond.

make the difference
You will work for one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands, which is responsible for participation and affiliation. At Haarlemmermeer Municipality, you work for more than 150,000 inhabitants every day. With your expertise, ambition and energy, you can really make a difference. You do this with more than 1,200 colleagues.

At Haarlemmermeer you will find urban dynamics and village character. Occasionally you will find beautiful nature, rich history and agricultural land. This means that in your work you come into contact with all sorts of topics, interests and challenges. Haarlemmermeer will continue to grow strongly in the coming years, and our society will not stand still either. Building Haarlemmermeer and leading our organization requires passion. Cooperation and appreciation are crucial for us in combination with a focus on results and professionalism. There is plenty to do where we can make good use of your knowledge, determination and vision.

Manager Sports, Culture and Well-being

Where do you come to work
As Head of Sports, Culture and Welfare, you are part of the management team of Samfunds Idræt og Kultur (SSC), a cluster that is part of the social domain. The task of the SSC cluster is to strengthen ‘cohabitation’. Together with the social partners, this cluster provides policy advice in various policy areas such as sport, recreation, culture, education, youth, welfare, housing and the labor market. Collaboration with external partners and colleagues from the social domain is of great importance. The cluster consists of three teams: your Sports, Culture and Welfare team, a Youth, Education, Labor Market and Housing team and a Grant team.

your role
You lead a team of approximately 20 driven political professionals in sports, welfare, culture and public health. You are integrally responsible for all tasks and work processes in your team, and you are able to weigh choices on consistency and feasibility, both politically, organizationally and with other interests.

As a manager, you are a sparring partner for employees, colleagues, cluster leader, management and folk high school and you control the achievement of results for the individual employee. You support the employees in their role as advisors to the board and you monitor the employees’ workload. You focus on their qualities and competencies so that they can function optimally.

The focus for you as a team leader is now on sustainably reducing the workload through a good overview, prioritization in the workforce and making choices. You also have an important role to play in shaping the impact of the cuts on policy. Leading values ​​are shared, professional and appreciative.

Haarlemmermeer is looking for you
You are a people-oriented leader who is able to put the team and the cluster on the map in an inspiring way. You are used to leading professionals at HBO and WO level, where you are able to flexibly apply different management styles and control instruments. You trust the qualities of the professionals you lead and you dare to place the responsibility on them. You stand for your team members and use your coaching leadership to support them in their work.

Based on your experience as a leader, you monitor the whole, supervise and take control where necessary; you are accommodating and responsible for behavior, agreements made, cultural patterns and personal responsibility. You have a good sense of relationships and you know how to handle official clients and the public administration. By actively listening and sincere attention, you bring peace to a dynamic organization.

In addition to the above, we consider the following important:

  • One with a university level in work and thinking who has experience working with municipal authorities and political processes. You have a broad overview of the field and you are able to make a translation from outline to practice.
  • You are able to connect with the other clusters of both the social and physical domain and organizations outside the municipality.
  • You are flexible, have a sense of humor, inspire and motivate your employees. You have an innovative, guiding and coaching leadership style that is characterized by cooperation and thoroughness. You enjoy your work and communicate it to the people you work with. You have experience with team development and strengthening leadership.

Haarlemmermeer offers you

  • A warm welcome, good guidance and great collegial commitment.
  • A good salary (scale 13) with an individual budget of 17.05% of your gross monthly salary, which you can get paid or which you e.g. can buy extra holidays with.
  • Work where and when you want with flexible start and end times, supported by phone and laptop.
  • Professional growth and development with our training academy Build on yourself, career coaching and The good conversation.
  • Personal vitality thanks to the MEERVitaal program and various activities such as Vitality Month, support for informal care, workshops for parents with young children.
  • Young officials: a network with and for all new colleagues (young and old).

Information and application procedure
Recruitment and pre-selection of this procedure is outsourced exclusively to Publiek Netwerk. We would like to receive your answer with an updated CV and cover letter, stating what inspires you in this position. If you want more information first, please contact Gea Zeilstra, telephone 06 50 69 13 83 or e-mail: geazeilstra@publicnetwerk.nl.


  • The interviews at Publiek Netwerk are ongoing and no later than in week 22 (30 May to 3 June)
  • The talks in Haarlemmermeer municipality are scheduled for 9 June

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