Lose weight with the Paleo diet? Pros and cons of this primary diet

With the Paleo diet, also known as the watch diet, you adapt your diet to that of the primitive man. You’ve read a lot about it lately. If this is the way you want to lose weight, check out the pros and cons.

The Paleo diet is based on meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. The foods that were eaten by humans in prehistoric times. There was simply not much more. The goal of the diet is not so much weight loss (there it is), but to use fats instead of carbohydrates as fuel.

Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet)

The Paleo diet is similar to the keto diet, which is actually used by people who want to lose weight. The idea behind avoiding carbohydrates is that the human body was not originally designed to use carbohydrates as the main source of fuel. Nonsense says some, while others swear by food as a primitive human being. Whether it is the best diet or not at all, there are many pros and cons. We put them in a row

Disadvantage: no long-term diet

You can maintain a good diet for a long time, with Paleo this is a little different. The nutrition center reports, for example, that in the long term it is possible to develop deficiencies of certain nutrients. By avoiding cereals, legumes and dairy products, there is a risk of lack of fiber, calcium and iodine.

Disadvantage: a lot of meat

In many cases, the Paleo diet consists largely of meat and fish. It is therefore difficult for vegetarians and vegans to eat like a prehistoric man.

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In addition, the amount of meat and fish provides a relatively expensive diet. Many adherents of the diet do not buy their meat in the supermarket. These animals were fed with grain, for example not in the way the animals got their food in prehistoric times.

Another disadvantage of all that meat is that it is very harmful to both your body and the environment. That the production of meat emits a lot of CO2 is not a point of discussion. But there are different opinions about how ‘bad’ meat is for your body. Still, too much red meat does not seem to be good for your body, according to research.

Benefit (with reservation): good for your heart

Proponents of the Paleo diet claim that it is good for your heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It would be especially good for people with high blood pressure. This is because people consume less sugar and carbohydrates.

Weight Loss Using the Paleo Diet: Is It Actually Healthy?

However, this point contradicts the large amount of meat that is typically eaten during the diet. According to various studies, a lot of (red) meat is not good for your heart, blood vessels and blood pressure. Too little research has been done into the old diet to say whether it is good or bad for your heart.

Advantage: eat less processed products, just like the original man

Because you eat like a prehistoric man, you will not come into contact with processed products with the Paleo diet – if you do it properly. This automatically avoids a lot of added sugar, salt and saturated fat.

Benefit: to lose weight

The Paleo diet is not a guarantee of weight loss, after all, the diet does not describe portions. So if you eat more calories than you burn, you will still gain weight even with your diet. If you eat too many nuts during your diet, you risk gaining weight. Nuts are usually not very filling, but contain a lot of calories. Nevertheless, nuts are very healthy. One hand a day is enough.

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But many people lose weight thanks to the Paleo diet. This may be due to the awareness of food, or because they feel more satisfied because they eat more protein.

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