Phytofar becomes Belplant, Sylvain Moissonnier new chairman

Phytofar’s general meeting took place on 12 May 2022. In it, the new name of the Belgian sector association of the plant protection products industry was announced. In addition to a new name, the association will also have a new chairman. Outgoing chairman Martin Van Gheluwe passed the torch on to Sylvain Moissonnier. Below is a report from Phytofar’s website.

outgoing chairman
In an introductory video, Martin Van Gheluwe (Syngenta) outlined the development of the toolbox of plant protection solutions for farmers. Much has changed in 100 years: from women’s and children’s manual work on land, to new products, to the drones of the near future.

Martin says goodbye after 3 years as chairman and 45 years in the (inter) national sector for seeds and plant protection. He is happy with the course of history he experienced up close. First, there was a need to increase production. Then followed the explosive growth of the vegetable and potato processing industry. New breeding techniques resulted in vegetables with special shapes, flavors and colors that are also resistant to disease, pests, drought or extreme rainfall, and which also reduced food loss. Sustainability in production, in processing and also with the end user has always been an important driving force for Martin. More output with less but considered input.

When Martin became chairman of Phytofar 3 years ago, the European Green Deal was also announced. According to Martin, this reform is certainly feasible provided the necessary time for change and the crucial commitment of all sectors to keep the full, diverse toolbox of plant protection solutions available to all farmers and gardeners. The sector is already investing heavily in a wide range of products and support services, including digital: biostimulants and biocontrol products that support the new generation of man-made products; framework for sustainability measures such as drift reduction caps and buffer zones; erosion control and biodiversity measures; introduction of closed filling systems to reduce product waste; innovative technological means to analyze and spray the soil in a targeted way and guarantee the user’s safety, … The combination of these new products, techniques and sustainable initiatives is the way to an agriculture without impact on humans, nature and biodiversity. After 80 years of Phytofar and half a century of integrated plant protection, the transition to Belplant is a logical step to emphasize this.

New name
Phytofar gets a new name with Belplant. Hero: Planted, cultivates sustainable plant protection. The association stands for Belgian, for beautiful, strong plants with sufficient production, especially in these turbulent times. You can recognize the furrow in the green logo: We are available to farmers and gardeners in different agricultural systems, who all do their best to provide adequate, healthy and sustainable food.

Belplant’s mission remains the same: The Federation wants to build trust in safe and sustainable crop protection solutions; be a key sector in the production of affordable food of good quality with as few losses as possible and a minimal ecological footprint and be a reliable partner in the societal debate.

Belplant is also pleased to welcome BSI as a new member. BSI is mainly active in the “home & garden” segment, with a wide range of solutions for your garden, including ponds and swimming pools. Belplant now has 21 members.

Martin is also optimistic about the future. “The companies will have a well-stocked toolbox, and they will to a greater extent use technology to support farmers and gardeners with pests and diseases and increase production. We can achieve the main goals of Green Deal, climate and biodiversity, but then we need everyone’s cooperation. Also from the politicians: They need the depth and background information from scientific research, to make informed decisions, not based on emotions, but on science. “

And then Martin Van Gheluwe passed on the torch to his successor, Sylvain Moissonnier (Bayer CropScience). “I am very honored to take over the role of President of Belplant and continue our mission. I would like to thank the entire team for their commitment to building trust in safe and sustainable plant protection solutions. Europe is now facing an unprecedented challenge in its agricultural policy. Russia’s outbreak of the war in Ukraine has led to great tensions in the markets, food security in several countries in Africa and the Middle East is in jeopardy, and European and Belgian policies must ensure the implementation of the Green Deal, while preserving the basic results in order to produce “sufficient quality food locally at an affordable price. Belplant wants to be a partner for all actors in the agricultural world to meet this challenge!”

Source: Belplant

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