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Holland can prepare for a summer with many wasp attacks. It predicts the pest control platform Beestjes Kwijt based on its daily figures. Where the wasps started last summer, it is better to prepare now for the arrival of the black and yellow dragons this year. According to them, the calm, warm spring we are in now has everything to do with it.

Why is it that the pest control platform Beestjes Kwijt is now warning of a wasp summer? “In April and the first weeks of May, we see an increase of no less than 450 percent in searches on Google that have to do with wasp control, compared to last year,” says Merijn Janssen, director of the platform. What does it say? “That we can expect many nuisances from wasps in the months of June, July, August and September.”

Wasps are coming

Last year, Holland had a very quiet wasp summer, which only started in August. “At that time, it had everything to do with a cold, wet and windy spring,” says Janssen. “We are now experiencing a very calm, relatively warm spring, which is immediately reflected in the insects’ development and the growth of their nests. It will be difficult. For example, this summer we will have more problems with ants than last year. We not only see this in our numbers, our opponents confirm the picture. “

For example, the pest controllers of Beestjes Kwijt, Marco van Hunen and David van den Broek, who work in Gelderland / Overijssel and Limburg, respectively, have received a remarkable number of reports of mosquitoes in recent weeks. “And it’s early in the season,” Van Hunen said. “The presence of many mosquitoes and flies plays wasps in the hands because wasps catch the small insects and bring them to their nests as food for the larvae. This often goes hand in hand: nuisances from mosquitoes and wasps. ”

The wasp season starts early

Many mosquitoes have also been seen in Limburg. “And the wasp season also started early for us,” says Van den Broek. “We received the first report in February. Then you go there and you think of the French field wasp, but no, it was a lemonade wasp. It was unexpected, because you usually see them only later in the spring. In March it was quiet. “For a while, but from April, the number of requests to remove starting wasp nests started to increase. If things continue like this, I think we can get started in July and August.”

Subway wanted to know more about it, so we called maritime expert Arjan Postma about the upcoming wasp season. However, he can not say with certainty whether we are bothered by wasps much, or early in the summer: “What is meant is that it is very dry now. If there are many rain showers in the spring, many queens and young nests drown. At the end of the summer you will have fewer wasps. So because it’s dry now, ‘there are a lot of wasps coming’. But that is still the question. “

Postma explains: “Due to the drought, there are few insects that the wasps feed their young with. As long as they have kids, they are completely harmless and they ignore us completely. The young pee out a kind of sugar water, just like aphids do. And the adult wasps live off that. In August, the queens leave the nest and begin to prepare for winter. Then the other wasps have nothing to do and they have lost their food because the cubs are big. Then they go and look for our sugar. So if the wasps are already unable to find insects due to the current drought, the question is whether their nests can also become large. ”

Remove wasp nest in case of nuisance

According to Beestjes Kwijt, however, it is advisable to remove wasp nests as early as possible. “But only if a nest is a place where there is a lot of human traffic,” says Janssen. “So close to your terrace, under the carport or in the garage where you need to be every day. A wasp nest under your roof tiles or in the cavity wall is also not comfortable, because sooner or later the wasps will find their way inside. After all, the nest is getting bigger and bigger, so there is a need for extra entrances and exits. ” The wasp fighters from Beestjes Kwijt are already wetting their chests.

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