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News feature | 31-01-2022 | 16:56

The doors to the cultural and creative sector have been open again since 26 January, but on conditions. There are still strict restrictions on the number of people in a room and a mandatory closing time at. 22.00. Therefore, in addition to the previous support of DKK 195.1 million, the government allocates € 56.5 million for the period from 12 November. € for specific support to the sector for the period 1 February to 8 March. This brings the total amount available for this fifth support package to 251.6 million. EUR.

State Secretary Gunay Uslu for Culture and the Media:

“The corona crisis continues to hit the cultural and creative sector hard. In addition to the support for supported institutions, there is therefore also extra support for the self-employed. This is a desperate need to retain their knowledge and skills to the sector. We are expanding various grant schemes for decision-makers at the funds. There is also support for freelancers, creators and technicians in the part of the performing arts sector that is not supported by the public sector through the compensation scheme at the Performing Arts Foundation.

Support for producers

A large part of this support package is intended to support creators, artists and other cultural professionals.

  • 15 million euros are channeled through the six national cultural funds. The funds can thus continue direct support schemes for creators. These are schemes for labor budgets, grants and support for experimental research.
  • € 10 million to the Rights Sector Support Fund. The purpose of this fund is to financially support creators and artists from across the creative and cultural sector. Through previous rounds, this fund was able to reach thousands of decision makers.
  • € 3.5 million to the Abraham Tuschinski Foundation to support the production of Dutch cinema films. This private fund is filled by Dutch cinemas, movie theaters and movie distributors, who make a contribution for every ticket sold.
  • € 1.5 million to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek to meet the high demand for e-books. The amount is intended for authors, translators, illustrators and publishers due to the extra loans of their works.
  • € 122.5 million to the compensation schemes at the Performing Arts Foundation.

Producers of professional live performances and concerts receive compensation for income they lose from ticket sales through a scheme with the Performing Arts Foundation. Up to 85% of tickets for these activities are purchased, even in case of cancellations. The fund has a total of € 122.5 million available up to and including 8 March 2022 for the compensation schemes. Of this, € 111.5 million comes from the new support packages, and € 11 million is still available from a previous package. The scheme’s application desk will shortly open for the period 28 November to 31 January. The Performing Arts Foundation will for the period 1 February to 8 March prepare a new supplementary scheme and communicate about this before long.

Fifth support package for the cultural and creative sector

The total available € 251.6 million in a row:

  • 76.5 million DKK to institutions in the basic infrastructure, institutions that receive grants through the Inheritance Act and institutions with multi-year grants from the national cultural funds.
  • € 30 million to extend direct support to creators.
  • 8.6 million euros for a scheme through the Mondriaan Fund to support museums.
  • A total of € 111.5 million. to the supplementary schemes in support of the restrictive measures in theaters, (pop) stages and concert halls at the Performing Arts Foundation.
  • € 25 million to continue the loan with Cultuur + Ondernemen with a term until the end of the second quarter of 2022.
  • At the same time, the budget extension of the monumental loan from the National Restoration Fund is maintained until the end of the second quarter of 2022.

In total, more than 1.8 billion euros in specific support for the cultural and creative sector have been made available since the start of the corona crisis, in addition to the generic support packages.

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