Horeca platform launches marketplace with profits and imperfect products

TIPPR, the inspiration platform of the restaurant industry and the hotel industry, launches a marketplace for hospitality entrepreneurs, called no waste. This online marketplace offers profits and imperfect products that manufacturers and wholesalers can no longer sell, but which are still suitable for a catering entrepreneur or restaurant owner, and which can be purchased at a favorable price.

Pim Pelser and Colin Westerwoudt founders of TIPPR, photograph Ming Chao

Without waste, TIPPR wants to fight food waste and at the same time offer a solution to catering entrepreneurs who, after two years with Corona and due to the current inflation, now buy more expensive and therefore get less and less margin. Suppliers such as Nestlé, Baker and Baker, Zijerveld, Friesland Campina, Hooghoudt and Thijs Thee have already joined TIPPR no waste.

In the Netherlands alone, we waste 2 billion kilos of food every year. The largest share of food waste occurs in suppliers to the restaurant industry, in farmers, growers and producers, trade, processing (39%) and to a lesser extent in restaurants (14%). Manufacturers and wholesalers often have limited insight into supply and demand. Therefore, they can not produce and purchase optimally and there is a lot left which is ruined. In addition, the short shelf life also plays a role and damaged and outdated labels and packaging also ensure that products can no longer be sold while they are often still good to use.

From smaller margin to more margin
Colin Westerwoudt, founder of TIPPR: “We see that after two years with the corona and with the rising purchase prices, energy prices and staff costs, restaurant owners have a challenge in making a margin on the products they buy.

photo: Ashkan Martezapour

By working with profits and imperfect products, an entrepreneur can increase this margin. In addition, chefs today are creative and flexible enough to get started with these products, and we see a role for them in reducing this meaningless food waste. ” The Dutch catering industry wastes more than 51 million kilos of food every year. It’s not only a lot of food, but also a lot of money that is wasted. Research among restaurants in 12 countries even shows that for every euro invested, restaurants can earn as much as 7 euros back. For corporate catering companies, this even provides 25 euros. By making restaurants aware of this problem and coming together, producers will naturally reduce food waste and even help reduce waste.

The offer is updated every day
The range at TIPPR no waste consists of items with an expiration date that is too short or where there is something wrong with the production, such as outdated packaging or incorrect label. The catering entrepreneur has the opportunity to order these products with high discounts with few clicks. The offer is refreshed every other week and can consist of liters of fondue or hundreds of croissants one day and cartons of cream soup or seasonal beer the next. With the permission of the food and safety authorities, suppliers who have profits and imperfect products can offer these for free on TIPPR’s no waste platform, where catering entrepreneurs can then order them online. After ordering, TIPPR ensures that the products are delivered to their destination. Offering products does not cost suppliers anything, they only pay the transport costs. The products left over and not purchased by the catering industry are donated to charities such as the Salvation Army. In addition to the new no waste initiative, TIPPR will provide hospitality entrepreneurs with tips and share inspiring stories from other entrepreneurs. In this way, the platform wants to create more awareness among the catering industry about this meaningless food waste.

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