the Italian experience with a special Music Retreat

This year’s musical spectacle took place this weekend: the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest! After two semi-finals, a total of 25 countries competed for the coveted Eurovision victory on Saturday 14 May. thank you visited the special Eurovision Song Contest Music Retreat, spoke Conchita Wurstand of course took part in the fantastic final.

Expectation with Conchita

Upon arrival in Turin on Saturday afternoon, it was immediately time for partying. At the special retreat in flot Torino came no worse than Conchita Wurst – the iconic gender bending performer who took home the victory in 2014 – looked past for a performance and questions and answers.

Even with the hot Italian sun, Conchita managed to give the audience goosebumps. (Photo: Jaimy Boer)

That Eurovision legend was clearly overjoyed at the event in Turin. †I love it! It’s great to be back for Eurovision. It’s really a bit like seeing family again, Conchita said enthusiastically. “Once you’re a part of it, you’ll be that forever.”

He also told how he experiences being an LGTBQ icon to be: “It feels a bit like I was forcing people to think: what is masculine, what is feminine? In any case, there was suddenly a lot of talk about this in Austria (Conchita’s home country, ed.). And it eventually came to a lot accept† And there came more and more in 2014 queer people in the mainstream – think about RuPaul’s Drag Race, Laverne CoxCaitlyn Jenner, etc. That’s how it was to win a lot too effective.

As a true Eurovision veteran, Conchita is now even a bit intimidated of the younger generations. “Young people now are so confident when I talk to an eighteen-year-old, I feel myself uncertainshe laughed.


Because such a Eurovision weekend is of course full of activities, had also provided a lot of relaxation at the retreat. Gong yoga, Eurovision karaoke and of course lots of Italian delicacies all came by. We were also able to live out our own Eurovision dreams with a little help from a professional singing coach and above all a lot ABBA

eurovision experience
Complete zen with Gong Yoga. (Image:

grand finale

In the evening, of course, it was time for the grand final: ten countries from the first semifinal, ten countries from the second semifinal, and the big five. One act even bigger than the next: glitter, glamor, drama and of course the vocals – it’s a miracle that the roof of the PalaOlimpico Arena is still finished.

eurovision experience
The Norwegian Subwoolfer managed to get the whole arena involved. (Photo: Sandy de Vries)


The highlight of the evening was, of course, the construction of S10† She finished eleventh in the final and managed to get the whole arena involved Depth i. Whether you spoke Dutch, Italian, French, German or English: the whole arena buzzed with ‘ooh’s and’ ah’s’. By thank you got them anyway dysse point

In the end, the S10 impressed with an eleventh place finish. Especially in Italy, the singer clearly managed to touch people, because that was how she dragged the coveted twelve points from Italy on hold.

Begins for Moonlight

And of course we can not forget the interval act. glam rock band Moonlight took the stage for their new single supermodel to be heard. Between the pyrotechnics and the band’s sexy outfits, things got beautiful steaming in the arena.

Also had songs Damiano David two more golden tips for artists of the year: “Have fun and do not sit too close to your table, “he joked.

And the winner is…

It was expected in the time leading up to the festival: Ukraine won this year. The band, Kalush Orchestramanaged to impress with their performance of the song Stefania – an ode to the rapper Oleh Psiuks mother. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the song has obviously gained a special extra significance. After the band’s performance, the applause was almost unstoppable, the Kalush Orchestra achieved a record number of points, and the whole arena went crazy with the announcement of their victory.

eurovision experience
A beautiful victory for Ukraine. (Image: Brunopress)

After his victory, Oleh said: “Every victory is important for Ukraine now. We are here to prove that Ukrainian culture and music live and kick.” He also looked forward to the next edition of the Singing Competition, which would traditionally take place in the country that won the award. “Next year, Ukraine will be happy to welcome the Eurovision Song Contest and the whole of Europe to a new and happy Ukraine. It is still too early to talk about our plans, but we will do everything we can to get the next edition. of Eurovision to take place in a peaceful Ukraine

All in all, we look forward to the Eurovision Song Contest next year: hopefully in Ukraine and elsewhere. In any case, the Ukrainian victory gave a moving end to a fantastic evening.

Source: Grazia, | Photo: Brunopress,, Jaimy Boer, Sandy de Vries

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