Canisius School celebrates for several reasons


‘… what they see here in Harreveld is beautiful and unique’

In 2022, the Canius school in Harreveld and St. Jozef School in Zieuwent 100 years. Correspondent Barbara Pavinati wrote down a piece of history from both schools. This week the first part of this ditykon: Canisius School Harreveld.

By Barbara Pavinatic

HARREVELD – Harreveld has a beautiful village school, that’s for sure. It is one of the most beautiful old buildings in the village that still stands. The atmosphere that the school breathed a hundred years ago is preserved at the entrance. The façade is still in its original condition because it also contributes to the building’s history really living in the school. 25 years ago, the school was thoroughly renovated. It is great that the then board managed to build a brand new school behind the original facade with the money that was supported for it, while retaining the distinctive elements. What is certainly worth mentioning is that this would never have been possible without the voluntary help of the Harreveldse people. Instructor Jacques Janssen: “It’s just a fantastic school. A school where children like to go. And if they feel comfortable, the rest will come naturally. We are celebrating this year because the school exists for 100 years, but also because it was completely renovated 25 years ago. There will be a party for the students on the 23rd, 24th, 25th of May. In addition, in October there will be an open day for residents of Harreveld who want to see the school. It can also be people who have nothing to do with school, but are just curious. ”

‘We have one rule in school’
“Today, very different things are expected of children. We love teaching them their own responsibility and freedom. We teach them to work together. We make them good citizens and prepare them for society. The children work very independently with us and are allowed to make their own choices. There is plenty of space in our building to be able to work quietly. We are a nice village school for the kids. We know and see all the children. We also take into account the differences between the students, ”Jacques explains,“ We ​​give the child space to, for example, read or work in a corner, but we also want to follow him. We give students a lot of responsibility. This happens in all groups. We give them freedom and they must learn to deal with it. They are allowed to make their own choices, to plan for themselves. In school we have one rule: we do not do anything in school … that bothers another. After all, we all have agreements that can be traced back to this one rule. ”

The school wanted to be ready for the future
“The school has eight teachers, an extra support staff and an IB supervisor. There is a large auditorium where there are regular community parties, a library at the school and a standby class for gifted children. They have 1 day a week extra class to challenge. There are about 75 students at the school, which is divided into four combination groups. In the past, the school had as many as 180 students, who were divided into 8 groups. The parents of our students are very involved. They are very interested in their children. They like to go out and participate enthusiastically in excursions. The school is accessible and small-scale, which is fantastic, ”says Jacques,“ The renovation of the school 25 years ago was thought forward because the school would be ready for the future. Therefore, we immediately bought 30 computers and decided that we would all become proficient at computer use as a team. This meant that all teachers and all children were taught this. We were ahead of our time, for computers were still very much in the early stages of that time. The building is also very sustainably built. Very well insulated and soundproof. We have used sustainable materials that still look like new after 25 years. We are very careful with our school and our belongings. This school year, we have all received new furniture, tailored to our way of teaching: Teaching at the instruction table in a semicircle in front of the IWB and processing the subject matter at your own table. ”

100 years of Caniusius school in a nutshell
The current school at Kerkstraat 44 was opened in August 1922. The building contained four classrooms. In 1950 the school was expanded by one room, in 1962 by a sixth.

At that time, plans were made for renovation / improvement of the old part of the school. Expansion is needed due to lack of space. The government’s response was long overdue. This job was finally completed in 1973.

On 1 August 1985, the ‘Folkeskoleloven’ came into force. This had consequences for the construction. Kindergarten and primary school had to be integrated. Renovation had to be done. Since 1991, the board has had discussions with the municipality and the state about this. With a view to the long term, the board saw it as its task to ensure that perfect housing was provided in Harreveld. They wanted major technical maintenance and replacement of homes. They also really wanted an auditorium. The monumental front and side facades had to be maintained. The atmosphere at the entrance to the hall was also to preserve the atmosphere of 1922. There was not enough money for all this, but the Harreveldse community was willing to commit voluntarily to building the school and supporting it financially. The coordination of the more than 150 volunteers was done by Herman Domhof. At the end of the summer holidays in 1996, the foundation stone could be laid. On August 23 of that year, there were exactly 74.5 years after the first stone was laid by the then college and six months before the planned last stone was laid. This date coincides with the foundation stone laid 75 years ago (when the school was built). On this day, Mayor Rijckevorsel and Councilor Steentjes-Tijdink will lay a memorial stone at the new main entrance as the first stone.

“It is unthinkable and heartwarming what has been done so far by volunteers,” said the school board chair, Mrs. Pondes, on February 23, 1997. And a little later in her speech: “It is impossible to understand how this could have been come here .. They have said that they are jealous of what is happening here.Even people who have been in the subject for 20 to 30 years and have already seen many schools in the country tell us that it is so beautiful and unique to see them here in Harreveld. “

The school was officially opened on June 27, 1997. Even then, the volunteers were put in the spotlight in the first place.

An article about St. The Jozef school in Zieuwent will soon follow in this newspaper.

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