Enjoy songs from the past and present by Klaas Landman, listen to Drents Kamerkoor or see the stage performance Gif in Veendam: five excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Matthias Spee plays piano in Eelde, in Coevorden various organists participate in an organ competition. Klaas Landman brings hitchhikers and tearjerkers to Opende. Drents Kamerkoor gives a concert in Emmen and Assen and Carine Crutzen and Stefan de Walle play Gif in Veendam. In short: enjoy the culture of Groningen and Drenthe.

Songs past and present

Schlagers, songs and tear-jerks iron together Sunday afternoon at the Baron Theater in Open. Klaas Landman is still celebrating his 40th anniversary as a singer / songwriter this afternoon. He is assisted by the show band Bigband & Zo, Duo Sonic, the choir in Between and his regular accompanist pianist Gerard van der Laan, a total of about 60 employees.

In addition to the pre-war Dutch-language life song, which he once started with, his own work also finds a place in this program. Duo Sonic and the choir In Between make their vocal contributions, while the show orchestra not only provides accompaniment but also a number of songs from their own repertoire.

Opened – BaronTheater, Sun 14.30, 12.50 euros

Bittersweet ode to the loss

Internationally married the biggest Dutch stage success for years. Lot Vekemans’ award-winning work has already been produced 74 times in 21 countries and translated into 15 languages. For the first time, the bittersweet ode to the loss can now be seen on a major tour of Dutch theaters, played by Carine Crutzen and Stefan de Walle. On Saturday, the actors play the performance in vanBeresteyn in Veendam.

married is about two people trying to live with ‘what is not there and should have been’. Ten years after the death of their child, a man and a woman meet again for the first time. Through a letter, they were told that there will be a reburial due to poison in the ground. He has built a new life. She can not bear the thought of a new life. In the hours they spend together, they notice each other, and it becomes clear how the great loss has poisoned both their lives. In an intense dialogue, they keep looking for the one word; the one movement where the past must come to rest.

Veendam – vanBeresteyn, Sat 20.15, 27 euros

Higher than the blue sky

Drents Kamerkoor performs under the title Higher than the blue sky Saturday and Sunday a program based on the work of composer Urmas Sisask. Sisask wrote a major work for choir, and in his works he combines his interest in astronomy with his love of music.

In addition, the choir sings works by contemporary composers such as Elder, Hennagin and Lauridsen, but also Schütz and Schubert are on the program. Drents Kamerkoor takes you into the atmosphere of a clear starry night, the rising sun and the beauty of nature. Saturday at 20 in the Advent Church in Assen and Sunday at 15 in Grote or Pancratius Church in Emmen.

Assen – Advent Church, Sat at 20, 17.50 euros (up to 18 years free)

Emmen – Grote Kerk, sun at 15.00, 17.50 euros (up to 18 years free)

Solo program by Mattias Spee

The podium Vosbergen in Eelde receives Saturday The Dutch piano and composition talent Mattias Spee. He will perform a colorful program with music by, among others, Claude Debussy, compositions by Mattias Spee himself and by the Dutch composer and pianist Hans Henkemans.

Hans Henkemans was one of the most famous performing artists in the 1950s and 1960s, and his new compositions were regularly performed by the Concertgebouw Orchestra, among others. In the Netherlands, Henkemans was also responsible for the strong revival of Debussy’s piano works due to his particular interpretations. From his classical background, Spee has expanded and shifted his focus to composition, improvisation and (interdisciplinary) collaborations. Spee also regularly incorporates modern music into his concert programs.

Eelde – Museum Vosbergen, Sat at 20.

Organ competition in Coevorden

In Coevorden City Church is held on Saturday organ competition held for amateur organists. Ten to twelve amateur organists will participate, all of whom will perform at least one work from JS Bach’s Orgelbüchlein. They will also perform one or more free organ works.

The jury consists of: Leonore Lub (photo), Toon Hagen and Erwin Wiersinga. The organ competition is open to the public. Admission is 5 euros for the whole day.

Coevorden – Reformed Church, Sat. 10-16, 5 euros

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