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BREDA – The new campus was completed in 2019. And the 55th anniversary was in 2021. But now, in 2022, BUas can finally seriously celebrate it. And so does the Folk High School with a festive week. It started today with, among other things, the unveiling of the new ‘landmark’ on campus.

BUas, known by many from Breda under the old name NHTV, is celebrating a big party this week. And that’s for two reasons. The first is the official opening of the university’s new campus. It was already completed in 2019, but an official opening in 2020 was not possible due to the corona virus. And that while the new campus is certainly reason to party for BUs. For with campus on Mgr. Hopmansstraat, BUas became a university of applied science one place instead of six.

The new campus ensures that students can meet each other, explains architect Bert van Breugel. “I have designed universities and colleges before. What is striking about BUas is the great diversity of students. Both nationally and internationally, but also in relation to interests. Here, tourism students are in suits, and gaming students sit behind computers. They meet on this campus. We create connections. ” To do this, Mgr Hopmansstraat was closed to traffic, among other things, and the buildings were connected to each other via a green environment. The parking lot was just moved to the edge of campus.

The unique thing about campus, of course, is the use of the Franciscan Sisters’ former convent. The sisters were therefore present on Wednesday morning as guests of honor at the celebration of the opening of the campus. “25 million euros were available for the development of this campus. And that’s not much for a project of this size,” explains Van Breugel. “Fortunately, the sisters have maintained the monastery with great love. “When we started working on it, we are very grateful that they handed over the key to their beautiful monastery to us.”

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Not only is the new campus being celebrated at BUas this week. The 55th anniversary is the second reason for a party. For in September 1966, the very first lecture was given by the Dutch Scientific Institute for Tourism (NWIT). “It happened in Café ‘t Zuid on the Grote Markt”, says BUa’s president Jorrit Snijder. “For the first few years, NWIT was located at Haagweg, Etnastraat, Karnemelkstraat and Sibeliuslaan, among others.” In 1987, NWIT and VAT (Traffic Academy Tilburg) continued together under the name NHTV: National University for Tourism and Traffic. The renovation of the monastery started in 2017, after which the new campus was ready in 2019. Since 1 September 2018, the professional college bears the name Breda University of Applied Sciences.

When celebrating its 55th anniversary, of course, remember the past. But the future will certainly not be forgotten. For BUas has enormous ambitions, Snijder emphasizes. Among other things, to increase the proportion of international students from 20 to 30 percent. But above all, to maintain and further expand the quality, creativity and innovation that BUas has.

As a tangible reminder of the 55th anniversary, a new ‘landmark’ was unveiled on campus, in part by Mayor Paul Depla. It is still gray at the moment, but automatically changes color to BUas orange over time.

BUa’s party week lasts from 18 to 21 May. There will be a conference event for industry partners on May 19th. There will be a party for students on May 19th. May 20 is a day aimed at all alumni. And on May 21, the residents and families of all BUas students were invited to a big neighbor and family day.

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