How to prepare for a detox cure


Cleanse and detoxify your body completely. Starting with a clean slate, who would not want that? A definitive line through the bad eating habits. You have decided to detox for a few days. But how? Before you get started, read all about it in this article and see the detox cure here.

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What is detox?

Detoxification, also called detoxification, is an alternative drug term. This means removing waste and toxins from the body. Detoxification of the body can be done in different ways. For example, you can follow a detox diet, but also a detox diet. Or you start fasting.

What is a detox cure?

A detox cure only lasts for a short period of about a week and a half. During this detox treatment, you cleanse your body of toxins through your diet. Examples of this are detox tea or detox juice. During treatment, eat only raw, clean, organic, unprocessed, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. During the detox, your body relaxes from processing processed meals. When you consume fat, alcohol, processed meat with antibiotics and hormones, prepared foods with chemicals and pesticides or refined sugar, your body becomes toxic and bloated and the food rots in your digestive tract.

The body is an extremely intelligent system that can cleanse itself when you consume food, such as raw organic foods or fresh fruits and vegetables. You can not if you constantly feed your body with processed foods or refined sugar. Toxins can only be eliminated if you stop consuming certain foods and give your body a break from digesting them. Which will ultimately make you feel better. When you make a juicer, you flood your body with raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes, eliminating any potential food poisoning from your body.

These minerals, vitamins and enzymes are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream when you consume organic cold-pressed juice. After a three-day course of treatment, your liver, heart and whole body will begin to eliminate diseased or dead cells because it is no longer your body’s job to digest fat. When you do a detox cure, you supply the body with the greatest nutrients, you begin to remove diseased cells, you lose weight, you get rid of inflammation and diseases and you get a lot of energy.

You use a lot of energy when you process complex meals, which torments the body significantly. The healthiest thing you can do is eliminate as many processed foods as possible and replace them with organic, raw and fresh fruit and vegetable juices and raw meals during a detox juice cleanse. This shift gives you more energy, helps prevent illness, allows you to live longer, sleep better and speed up your metabolism.

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Juice provides organic juice cures with healthy nutrients that help your immune system and overall vitality. With the juice cure from Sapje, you give your body rest by drinking primarily organic, slow-juice vegetable juice for one or more days. That way, your organs will be temporarily less taxed. You strive for a healthy and balanced life and support your health.

You can choose between the detox regimen of three, five or seven days. Each juice cure consists of concentrated shots. In addition, each cure is supplemented with organic vegetable soup and herbal tea.

Each detox treatment is 100% organic and contains:

  • various organic vegetable juices
  • extra concentrated shots
  • various organic vegetable soups
  • organic herbal tea
  • organic turmeric and ginger juice
  • a detailed explanation of the preparation
  • Two detox menus to choose from with over 50 healthy recipes under Pretox and Aftertox

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