West Frisians choose a short chain: “Give the farmer money for his goods”

Back in the past, that’s why many West Frisians choose the short chain. They also try as much as possible to avoid a visit to the supermarket. Especially now that the farmer sees his yield ‘evaporate’ due to the rising prices. “I want the farmer to be fairly paid.”

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“Out of sheer necessity and habit”, Lian van der Sloot (44) answers the question why she avoids the supermarket as much as possible. “I do not like milk from the supermarket that has been processed. Milk is just much tastier and cleaner if you drink it fresh.”

Sympathy for the farmers

She already had sympathy for the peasants. Van der Sloot grew up between the fields and the peasants. First in Steenwijk, now in Enkhuizen. A city surrounded by countryside. “I have always been interested in a farmer’s life. They are very open and helpful.”

More and more Dutch people live in cities, far from the country and therefore far from food production. According to Van der Sloot, therefore, many can no longer identify with the landscape. “They do not know where their food comes from. This is where money can be made, for there is growing enthusiasm for fresh, healthy and local food. Directly from the farmer.”

Removing the financial risk from the farmer was also a motivation for her to buy as much as possible from the farmer. Close to the source. “Sometimes you can not escape it, but I get the most out of a farmer. Why? I want them to be paid reasonably. Not us, but the farmer decides how much something costs. And if I can help them with that. , so especially now that the peasants have almost nothing left. “

Seasonal products

Which products then depend on the season. “I think that’s the great thing about this. It makes people aware. Not all fruits and vegetables are available all year round, like in the supermarket.”

In winter, for example, there are Brussels sprouts and kale, filled with vitamin C. Something our body needs then. And in the spring there are cucumbers and tomatoes, rich in water. “Why would you turn it around or turn it around? It’s in balance with each other, that’s how nature works. The only thing that requires getting used to is that you have to be creative with the cooking,” Van der Sloot says with a laugh. “But it’s also instructive.”

Recently, De Enkhuizer even has a kitchen garden. Here she grows parsley, spring onions, chives and sage. “And with rising food prices, that’s not a bad thing.”

But Van der Sloot is not alone. In 2002, Carola Romijn (53) moved to Grootebroek. There she saw ‘Keetje’, a small orchard and nursing home in Lutjebroek. She did not hesitate for a moment and looked. “I was immediately sold, fresh from the ground. But also because I want to live plastic-free, and a farmer does not use it.”

‘The quality is better’

What she immediately noticed is that the freshness and quality is better. “Take a broccoli. If I buy it in the supermarket, I’ll have to eat it in two days. But a broccoli that I get from a farmer I can keep for about two weeks. It was a real eye opener for me. Is maybe a little more expensive, but you get quality in return. “

For Romijn, it is also important to know where the food comes from. “That I see the cows standing in the meadow when I enter the farm. That the meat at the butcher in Hoogkarspel is fresh, without hormones. Because you can not see food from abroad.”

According to her, there is a trend on the way, especially after corona. The sales stalls in West Frisia shoot like fungi rising from the ground. And that’s why Romijn takes a look every week. And even if she misses something, she bikes to the nearest greengrocer or cheese shop. “I actually do not buy anything in the supermarket anymore, also because the range is so wide here. Why should you buy something from the supermarket that comes from far away if it is also grown a few kilometers from your door?”

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