Artists working on the temporary art route Bovenkerk-Westwijk

AMSTELVEEN Six artists are currently working on new works of art that will be part of the temporary art route Biotoop this summer. The artworks can be seen from July 9 to September 25. Six artists gather for Biotoop, who share a fascination for the way the living environment affects people and vice versa.

In recent months, the artists have been inspired by their design of the place where their works will be displayed. According to the artists, for example, it is about the beauty of the repetition of a new residential area, the green stripes that run through Westwijk as oars or the paths along Poel. These places were suggested by local residents via Denk Mee Amstelveen’s website. The artists themselves have chosen from the localities that the residents have submitted.

“The art route brings young and old into contact with art in an accessible way. And for many in their own neighborhood. It is important for us as a municipality, “says councilor Herbert Raat (art and culture). “We have chosen Westwijk and Bovenkerk, because here there is still room for the development of public works of art. I am very excited about how the artists look at the places they have selected, and whether we will see our environment differently as a result. ”

ARTISTS The designs are now ready and the artists are lifting a corner of the veil. Bart Eysink Smeets likes to work with trees and plants (which he prunes and cuts into recognizable shapes) and natural objects like stones. He will work with flowers for his artwork in Amstelveen. He blurs the boundaries between man-made and nature by sowing daisies in the form of the familiar lines of a football field.

Circus reversed consists of a group of artists who create statues, sculptures and actions in the public space. With the artwork Ge Grond, they let people look at their own environment differently. They do this, among other things, with weekly workshops, where participants explore the earth under their feet with a combination of dowsing poles, meditation and soil research.

Frank and Michael is an artist duo inspired by nature photography. During the pandemic, we learned to experience and admire nature and to capture the most photogenic natural phenomena in a photo. On a vacant lot, Frank and Michiel imitate natural phenomena that nature lovers can take a picture with and that they can share on social media with the hashtag #praediumunique.

Liesbet Bussche dresses the city with huge rings and pearl strings. In Amstelveen she makes a life-size charm bracelet. The artist has made silver charms of many birds that live in the Amsterdamse Bos, such as the wren, the kingfisher, the woodpecker and the kestrel, and connected them to each other using a chain.

Lily Lanfermeijer let people look differently at their surroundings by enlarging a recognizable shape. For Biotoop, she makes five large ceramic spinning tops that balance on a lawn. Although the tops are stationary, they appear to spin due to the patterns and fluttering fringes on the toy.

Robbert Weide creates a sculpture where a burst pipe turns into a festive fountain. With this, he shows that something beautiful can also occur in a setback. On the lawn, a fountain of polyurethane foam and steel splashed out of a manhole cover into the ground.

SELECTION An external project manager and curator has been appointed for the development of the route to develop a surprising art route in Westwijk and Bovenkerk. They compiled a list of artists from Amstelveen, the region and in some cases outside. This list is reduced to a selection of artists who can respond to the environment with their work and who have an affinity with the theme. But also artists who have experience of creating works of art in the public space and / or who have a local connection or who are willing to dive into Amstelveen. The selection has been submitted to the Visual Arts Advisory Committee (ABK) for assessment. On the basis of their content advice, a final selection of artists from and outside the municipality was made. They work with the theme in their own way, so that the concluding works together tell a story.

Visit for more information on the artists, works of art and the route. More information about the activities for young and old along the art route will be announced here at a later date.

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