EasyJet is looking forward to the summer of 2022 with optimism

We expect to deliver good, sustained improvements with high customer returns to the best network in Europe and changes in revenue capacity.

Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet: “EasyJet has reduced its losses year by year in line with market expectations. The accumulated demand for travel and the lifting of travel restrictions combined for a strong and sustained recovery, which has been further strengthened by measures we ourselves have taken. These include the radical redistribution of aircraft across our network, the relocation of more than 1.5 million seats to the best-performing markets, and the gradual change in the complementary products we offer that drive increased earnings. Both contributed to the 9% increase in total revenue over the same period in FY19. All this not only pays off now, but also offers better prospects for the future, as more passengers book flights. ”

“We transformed the airline during the pandemic and came out of it with renewed vigor, backed by a product, a network and a service that customers really appreciate.”

“Since Easter, up to a quarter of a million customers have flown with us on approximately 1,600 flights a day. In the second half of the year, leisure and home capacity will be above the 2019 level. It is well documented that the sector is experiencing some operational problems, so as expected we have been absolutely focused on taking action to ensure that we have strengthened our operational resilience this summer. In this way, we can deliver good and reliable operation to our customers. We expect to fly 90% of the FY19 capacity in the third quarter, and we currently have sales capacity of approximately 97% of the FY19 flights in the fourth quarter. In addition, easyJet Holidays in the UK is now on track to serve more than 1.1 million customers during this financial year. “

“And as we return to a more normal summer season, we are ready to meet the demand with the best network in Europe. We are confident of our plans for the summer, which will bring us close to aviation levels for 2019. We look forward to continuing to compete from our own strength and as a winner in Europe’s aviation recovery after the pandemic. “

easyJet continues to allocate aircraft to the markets where we experience the greatest demand. In the second half of the year, leisure and domestic routes have fully recovered with capacities of 113% and 104%, respectively, from FY19 levels, while business and urban traffic continue to recover with demand below FY19 levels at present. In addition, the steps we have taken to transform our range of complementary services generate significant additional revenue without cannibalizing our ticketing revenue.
The aviation sector has recently faced operating pressures, which mainly affected easyJet until the beginning of April. easyJet has taken steps to offset this pressure, including; proactively manage schedules, reduce cancellations by removing seats, boost recruitment and improve ID processing. Despite this, bookings remain strong, as after the effect of the omikron variant, we have seen demand return with the lifting of travel restrictions. This allows us to operate in a more normalized environment. Booking patterns have been shorter than before the pandemic, but in the last 10 weeks bookings have consistently been above levels seen in the same period of 2019. easyJet Holidays continues to establish itself as the UK’s fastest growing holiday operator. The organization is still on track to transport 1.1 million passengers in FY22, where more than 70% of the program has already been sold.

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