The exciting transition to the digital learning environment

Digital solutions are increasingly used in teaching. Logically, for the possibilities are only increasing. In fact, the transition to a digital learning environment started several decades ago. But the speed only seems to increase. It is now impossible to study without a computer or laptop. Even when the training itself has nothing to do with computers. Initially, there were opponents of the transition to the digital learning environment. But now the benefits are clear to everyone. The digital learning environment is the future. Students and pupils therefore need a reliable laptop to complete their studies.

Your laptop as a central part of the education

Dependence on computers is only increasing. Not only in education, but also in everyday life and in offices and other work environments. A laptop is indispensable for a student. For example, their survey online portals show what the schedule is, teaching materials are shared, and you submit assignments. You also communicate digitally with teachers and fellow students. So you need to be able to count on your laptop. So look between the best laptops and make sure your study time is a success.

The future of education in the Netherlands

An increasing part of personal and professional life takes place online. It is therefore only logical that education should follow the same course. In the beginning, the digital teaching environment was primarily used for communication. But special software now also plays a big role. Digitally, it is easy to create a safe and educational learning environment. For example, you get your first hands-on experience in a virtual environment. Furthermore, 3D models are extremely helpful, for example, to see how the human heart really works or to design your first building as an architecture student.

Your study determines which laptop you need

The impact of digitalisation on education is enormous. It goes much further than communicating and sharing information. There are complete curricula that depend on specific software. The software that your studio uses largely determines the requirements that your laptop must meet.

How powerful should a laptop be for a studio?

You do not need a lot of computing power to write reports and surf the web. But there are actually studies that require a powerful laptop. For example, consider editing video material. Furthermore, a fast computer is needed when coding, performing complex data analyzes, and producing 3D models. These are just a few examples. The most important thing is to check in advance what requirements your laptop must meet.

Warranty period and battery life are relevant for everyone

Unfortunately, laptops are much more vulnerable than desktops. The parts are all slightly smaller and there is less room for air circulation. As a result, overheating lurks and it is potentially catastrophic for a laptop. In addition, you regularly carry a laptop, which increases the risk of a defect. Choosing a model with a significant warranty period is therefore worth considering. This period is usually 2 or 3 years. Maybe an extra year doesn’t sound like a valuable addition. However, laptops tend to show defects after 2 years. In addition, battery life is a relevant specification for each student. Because it means that you can follow several lectures on a full battery, and you do not have to recharge from time to time.

Think about what else you use the laptop for

You will use your laptop for more than just your studies. In the evening you follow your favorite series, you make video calls with friends or you are active on social media. For these activities, any well-functioning laptop is enough. But if you like playing games, you need a cool processor and a powerful graphics card. At least if you want to play the latest games. So in addition to your studies, also take your hobbies into consideration when choosing a new laptop.

All for students in one convenient place

The start of studies is an exciting time. You may be living alone for the first time and moving to the other side of the country. In such a case, it is nice to know that you are not alone. The student roadmap contains all sorts of useful tips to help you along the way. Not only freshmen will find useful information here. You will find, for example, what the best laptop is for you, how to write a good cover letter, and what the best study holidays are.

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