What can you do in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend? Six tips for fun outings

Take an excursion, cycle from show to show or experience farm life a hundred years ago. There is plenty to do in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend. Quickly read the six tips!

Experience the wonderful world of edible wild plants

Nettle, dandelion and ground shelf are already quite well known as wild plants one can eat, but did you know that there are many more edible plants? Join us this afternoon through Duunsche Landen from Annen wildly pick Leah Groeneweg and experience the wonderful world of edible wild plants

During this wild picking walk, you will learn which plants are edible, what to look out for when picking, and how to use them in the kitchen. Sign up soon via info@inhetwildeweg.nl or call 06 14136734.

Cycling from performance to performance

Grab your bike from the shed and explore the Groninger wierden landscape this weekend and experience music, art and theater in ancient churches and other special places during the Festival Back to the Beginning † The towers of the churches high up on the Groninger mound show you the way from one performance to another. Too hidden in the old churches, beautiful things happen: from enchanting music and disarmed stories to exciting art projects.

With a map in hand, you cycle along winding roads and old sea dikes. Along the way, you will meet rural artists, hospitable villagers, and you will experience surprising expeditions and new productions in unique locations. You can find the full program at backtothebeginning.nl

One hundred years back in time

On three Saturdays – tomorrow, 16 July and 3 September – Museum Farm De Karstenhoeve in Ruinerwold goes back a hundred years with arrangement Boerendrokte † Every Saturday has a different theme, based on the season. This first Farmer Busyness is dominated by the Farmer’s Wedding.

The son of the Karsten family then marries the mayor’s daughter. Everything and everyone is in revolt. The servants and maids are busy with the weather, the yard and the yard, everything has to look heavenly.

It promises to be an exciting, rural day, where you as a visitor get involved in the ups and downs of the farming family Karsten and their wedding guests.

Boerendrokte can be visited from 11.00 to 16.00.

Fifteen years Jan Wilde a Garden

Jan Wilde een Tuin exists fifteen years, which is until 26 June celebrated with open garden † In recent years, it has become a garden where a natural balance is central. Together with Tuingoed Foltz in Meeden and Tuinfleur in Oostwold, an Ivory Flower Route has been mapped, which can be visited until the end of this month.

As part of the anniversary, fifteen artists were invited to exhibit in the garden and garden house: Bastiaan Meijer (insect houses), Mirjam Wieringa (glass art), Maarten Burggraaff (statues in stone), Leo Gerritsen (bird houses), Marian Stam Wilgen (wickerwork), Elizabeth Kodde (ceramics), Nanny ter Wiel (paintings), Oscar de Jong (sculptures), Hilde van Heuveln (ceramics), Sophia de Vries (steel objects), Marjan van Schaik (glass art), Maaike Nijlunsing (paintings), Thea van der Hout (textile), Sija Brouwer (glass art) and Judith Bender (photos).

You can visit the garden every weekend from 10:00 to 17:00 during this period.

Celtic Folk Festival goes on the open air

The Celtic Folk Festival takes place in the open air on Sunday in the monumental village of Orvelte † From the haystack at Brink, there are performances by Fling, Cochon Bleu and of course Rapalje, who are holding the festival.

In addition to music, there is a Celtic market with special items and you can enjoy a snack and a drink. All the shops, restaurants and attractions of Orvelte are open during this festival. Day tickets for € 19.50 are available via Rapalje’s website † Children up to 12 years old have free admission.

The festival starts at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.

BiotÅPEN day: a look at a creative breeding ground

The creative Incubator De Biotoop in Haren holds open day for the seventh time in its existence on Sunday † Workshops, studios and various companies open their doors from 11:00 to 17:00. During this open day, you can wander around the eight-hectare Biotoop area all day long.

For example, go out and see art in the many studios of famous sculptors, painters and designers, visit the studios of photographers, architects and woodworkers or shop in Biotoopwinkel for products made in Biotoop. There are also various activities throughout the day. Come for example and listen to an interview with the author Sabine van den Berg in Vleugel F, visit a performance by a pop choir, be surprised during a short performance or take an introductory lesson.

At the entrance gate you will receive a map and a program of all activities.

You can find more excursions on dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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