Stimulation of art and culture

With thirty colorful flags on the corner of Engelendaal and Laan van Berendrecht, a clear message was sent on Saturday 14 May: Art and culture in Leiderdorp must become more visible, multicolored and more dynamic.

By: Corrie van der Laan

Several dozen local cultural providers were gathered here at 12.00 to launch the campaign ‘Leiderdorp show you, Leiderdorp let you hear’. Set up by cultural coach Anne-Pauline van der A with the aim of strengthening the cultural sector in the village.

There are many organizations, clubs and institutions in Leiderdorp that are involved in a wide range of cultural activities. And there is also quite a lot organized in the cultural field – in non-corona times. But there is clearly room for improvement. For example, in mutual coordination and cooperation, in communication with the Leiderdorp population and in contact with the municipality. Van der A was appointed two days a week in September last year to give local art and culture the much-needed boost. The campaign ‘Leiderdorp shows you, Leiderdorp lets you hear’ is a result of this.


The cultural sector must do its own thing, but the municipality must also do its part. This was also the opinion of the new cultural councilor Herman Romeijn (LPL). “We have shown a little too little appreciation of art and culture,” he admitted bluntly during his speech at the launch. Although a new cultural memorandum full of good intentions was adopted early last year and money has been set aside for the cultural coach, Romeijn stated, “on the other hand, barriers are being raised when it comes to grants and permits.”

He could not make concrete commitments, but he assured that he would look at how the municipality can stimulate the positive initiatives that have now been launched. An important step in this regard will be the continuation of the function as cultural coach. Van der A’s appointment was only for one year, and she will retire in September, but opportunities must certainly be sought to appoint a successor to her. And preferably several hours a week, Van der A immediately insisted, because there is more than enough work.


At the end of the meeting, the poet Frans Terken recited a poem specially made for the occasion, in which villagers are encouraged to marvel at all that there is to see and hear in the cultural area of ​​Leiderdorp, or to step on the podium or platform themselves (the whole poem is at the bottom of this article

To spread

The thirty flags, all slightly different, were taken by local cultural providers at the end of the day. “The intention is that they are clearly visible outside during rehearsals and performances,” Van der A. explained. “That way, the message spread throughout the village.”

There are more than thirty cultural providers in Leiderdorp, so not everyone has a flag. But that’s not a problem, said Van der A. “We also have a flex flag that can be borrowed on special occasions.”

Reinforced with voice and image

is the art of living here

in this village on the river Does

Crossing the bridges in Zijl

characteristic stop on the long band

along the Oude Rijn to ‘t Joppe and Kaag

how it pulls us like a towpath

different currents in all directions

each has its own cultural branch

who lifts this village and its inhabitants

in what can be seen here and more to hear

Yes Leiderdorp show you! Leiderdorp lets you hear!

mouths we touch

when we speak and sing with gusto

bring life to the scene

think of the Muzenhof in the past

it is now the floor of Sterrentuin and Zijlkwartier

or the choir in the church in the Old Village

see how we flake in many colors

thanks to Geert and the flagmen

that through their hands the flag flies here

to make it a party for everyone

this is how the street square and the park are colorfully decorated

we celebrate how we put the tone together

mobilize viewers and listeners here

Leiderdorp shows you! Leiderdorp lets you hear!

with a diversity of art in the public space

The bull that welcomes you on the Leiderdorp bridge

like further ahead the big boy with his windmill

at Leyhof Lakenvelder and Blaarkop

next to the farmer and his tractor

a milk core filled with imagination

and so much more to see here –

bricked the entrance wall with my own hands

where you go into the Delicious Court

at the Kerk og Oranjewijk roundabout

where a bronze fish lives on wheels

Yes Leiderdorp show you! Leiderdorp lets you hear!

and feel like the fish in the water here

a reunion with related souls

from all kinds of disciplines what we write

and create from heart head and hand

creators’ connection in their diversity

united in their love of culture

come and see it or go up on stage yourself

the platform for choir and music corps

theater group and theater maker dance

from classic to modern experience it

with painters sculptors and photographers

Leiderdorp shows you! Leiderdorp lets you hear!

villagers meet and marvel

what you see what you hear

be amazed at the entertainment and fun

when the drums beat, the trumpets sound

or find it at Art in Circle and Heemtuin

Leiderdorp Museum and Folkeuniversitetet

immerse yourself in the passion that radiates from there

and stay behind Winkelhof as the pregnant woman

in happy anticipation – so she waits every day

full of wonder at what you can hear

and see in our artistic Leiderdorp

Leiderdorp shows you! Leiderdorp lets you hear!

and that we are all here together

piece by piece and shoulder to shoulder

brought us each here

how we feel called by her

which gathers us in this field today

not just anyone who makes it work

with whom it lives in heart and soul

because of what moves you in group or alone

to find and collect

which stimulates this and thus governs the culture

also flagged out here for Anne-Pauline

Leiderdorp lets you hear! Leiderdorp shows you!

© Frans Terken 14.05.2022

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