A packed festival summer in Friesland is about to start: you can visit these festivals

Without corona measures, it looks set to be a smash festival summer, also in Friesland. See here which festivals are going wild again this summer.

Right? P6 place in Heerenveen

What? Various scenes with artists such as Kris Kross Amsterdam, Bilal Wahib, Broederliefde, Flemming and Tabitha.

Right? Oldehoofster cemetery in Leeuwarden

What? A dance festival on Ascension Day with, among others, rapper Donnie, DJ Tony Junior, DJ La Fuente and Kroegtiggers.

Right? Park Vijversburg, Tytsjerk

What? The park has been transformed into a magical place where you can meet knights and elves, girls and trolls, dwarves and wizards.

Right? Ureterp

What? Three-day pop and rock festival with BLØF, Suzan and Freek, Vangrail, Miss Montreal, Kensington, Maan, Kraantje Pappie, Rowwen Hèze and many others. On Saturday there is a program tribute bands

Right? Center of Leeuwarden

What? For three days, Leeuwarden is flooded with culture in the form of street theater, circus, dance, live music and other installations and performances.

Right? Overtuin, opposite Oranjewoud Estate

What? Three days with different performances and performances with classical music, for which tickets can be purchased separately.

Right? Oldehoofster cemetery in Leeuwarden

What? A metal festival in the center of Leeuwarden with two stages. For three days, all kinds of metal bands come by, such as Carcass, Alestorm and Emperor.

June 10-19 Oerol

Right? Terschelling

What? A ten-day cultural festival on Terschelling with location theater, music and much more. Every year, about 55,000 people come to Oerol.

Right? Slinge Park in Drachten

What? A multi-day theater and music festival in Smallingerland municipality. Most performances take place in Slingeparken in Drachten.

Right? Juliana Park and the center of Bolsward

What? The Heamiel Days are traditionally celebrated in Bolsward at the end of June. With parade, street festival, market and closing night Saturday with Racoon, Royal Beat and De Doelleazen.

Right? Leeuwardens center

What? The largest classical music festival in the Nordic countries, including the largest orchestra in northern Holland this year.

Right? The leisure park De Ulesprong in Sint Nicolaasga

What? Two-day party with artists such as Antoon, Frenna, DJ Paul Elstak, Ronnie Flex and Kate Ryan.

Right? Nes on Ameland

What? Surfing, skating, music and culture: it’s all present at MadNes Festival on Ameland. Surf and skate clinics, a festival campsite, but also music by, among others, Will and the People, De Likt, Tim Knol and Splendid.

Right? Heeg Strand

What? This music festival takes place on the edge of Hegemer Mar. From country to rock to folk and Frisian: all kinds of music are played.

Right? Harlingen center

What? A four-day maritime festival in Harlingen, with of course the tall ships sailing, but also a wide program in addition to the races.

Right? Mata Hariplein in Leeuwarden

What? Formerly always in the recreation area Groene Ster in Leeuwarden, now in the center of the city: Welcome to the village. More than 70 songs from all over the world bring music styles from hip hop, indie to world music and everything in between to Leeuwarden. In addition to music, there is also theater, dance, innovation, art, design and food on the program.

Right? Nutsbaan in Joure

What? In the course of four days, all kinds of balloons from Nutsbaan in Joure take off, but a program has also been set up with music, food and a laser show around the balloon show.

Right? Center of Sneek and on Snitser Mar

What? Sails for a week on Snitser Mar and parties in the center of Sneek, with many different music squares. Among others Tony Junior and Freddy Moreira perform.

Right? Harlingen center

What? Music, dance, folklore, art, gastronomy, trade fair and culture flood Harlingen.

Right? Vlieland

What? A festival packed with alternative pop music, but also an extensive side program in terms of art and culture. The Eurovision feature S10 will also perform.

Right? P6 place in Heerenveen

What? A new festival in Heerenveen, aimed at Dutch artists. Announced include: Tino Martin, Maan, Snelle, Suzan and Freek and Miss Montreal.

Right? Leeuwarden

What? A multi-day psychedelic music and art festival in Leeuwarden.

September 15 to 18 Island

Right? Terschelling

What? Lovers of electronic live music and alternative pop are welcome on Terschelling to Eilân in mid-September. The festival was supposed to be held in 2019, but then it fell into the water. The first edition will follow in 2022.

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