So important are eggs in your diet

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Let’s talk about eggs for a moment. Why? Firstly because they are damn tasty and because they are full of protein. And at the end of this article there is also three delicious recipes to put your oak knowledge into practice.

What you need to know about eggs

The right size

Eggs have suffered image damage due to the cholesterol in the yolk, but we now know that this dragon is not completely (or not at all) valid anymore. They are way mega good to you. But how do you recognize a good egg? Our tip: It is best to have a plum that is as large as possible because it contains the most building materials – in addition to cholesterol. And remember that medium-sized eggs have more nutrients per serving. grams than large. It sounds strange, but it’s true.

The best preparation method

How do you want them? Baked, boiled, poached or stirred – no matter how you prefer to eat them, each method has its benefits. If you prefer to bake or season, it is best to do so in a heavy, large saucepan for even heat distribution. Use a small amount of good quality butter and heat it up slowly. Do you prefer to poach? It sounds difficult, but it’s easy.

The trick is to add a little splash of vinegar to your pot of water, stir really hard until it creates a vortex, and then crack your egg into it. There are also egg poachers, which make it much easier for you. Finally, you have the old school-boiled egg, where you can easily cook several at the same time and take it with you as a snack. A pinch of salt and a little pepper et voilà – protein-rich snack. The University of Texas found that sharing your protein intake throughout the day can improve protein synthesis by 25 percent. Even more reason to take them with you as a snack.

How to crack them properly

You have been breaking your eggs the wrong way all these years. At Glasgow University, they discovered a way to do this without pieces of shell getting into the egg. Hold the egg in the palm of your hand and crack it in the middle across the equator with a paint knife. This will break the shell minimally. Now it’s time to get started.

What type of egg is the healthiest?

A hen completely lays down the food bombs, according to Food Chemistry magazine. This does not apply to battery hens. Free range chickens get better food and less stress, which not only improves the nutrients but also the taste.

These eggs contain a little more fat, but the lipids in them are good for your heart. In addition, researchers found that the proteins in the eh, egg white, of these eggs improve blood flow. Plus, the creamy texture is perfect for an omelette.

A hen completely lays down the food bombs, according to Food Chemistry magazine. This does not apply to battery hens. Free range chickens get better food and less stress, which not only improves the nutrients but also the taste.

Where do you store them?

Last tip: Store your eggs in the refrigerator, but let them reach room temperature before cooking with them. If you start with a cold egg, the yolk will be very well cooked, while the white will take longer.

3 protein-rich recipes

eggs with asparagus

Louisa Parry

Duck eggs with asparagus

Under the shell: The cysteine ​​in duck eggs works perfectly with asparagus to speed up the metabolism of alcohol. Hangover breakfast!


  • 2 duck eggs
  • asparagus, cleaned and without stem

    Manufacturing method

    We start (very) easily. Put on two pans with boiling water. Put the eggs in one and cook for 6 min. Put the asparagus in the second and cook for 5 min until soft. Serve with a little salt and pepper.

    egg revueltos

    Louisa Parry

    Egg revueltos (scrambled eggs) with shrimp

    Below the scale: Leeks are packed with micronutrients that keep serious disease at bay. Eggs add extra antioxidants to it.


    • 2 eggs (from the hen)
    • • 1 slice of sourdough bread
    • 1 teaspoon butter
    • 2 sliced ​​and cooked baby leeks
    • 6 cooked shrimp
    • handful of chopped chives

      Manufacturing method

      Break the eggs into a bowl, whip them and season with salt and pepper. Melt the butter in a pan, add the eggs and fry. When they begin to solidify, add leeks and shrimp. Serve on sourdough bread and garnish with chives.

      duck eggs with asparagus

      Louisa Parry

      Bantam eggs with chicken scallop

      Below the scale: This recipe is the ultimate post-workout meal as it packs a wealth of protein into the amount of calories in the meal.


      • 1 chicken breast
      • a small flower
      • handful of breadcrumbs
      • 4 bantam eggs
      • 4-6 anchovies
      • Handful of chopped parsley
      • 1 teaspoon capers

        Manufacturing method

        Wrap the chicken breast in foil and flatten it. Taste and cover with flour, grater and 2 beaten eggs. Fry until golden brown, then fry the other two eggs. Serve with anchovies, parsley and capers.

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