‘The All-rounder’ stunning at the Harreveld Pentecostal Festival


‘Entertaining for the audience, but also competitive at the same time’

By Henri Walterbos

HARREVELD – It is possible again, it is allowed again, it tickles many Harrevelders again. Our own fair is on the doorstep: Pentecost from Saturday 4th to Monday 6th June. With a number of familiar elements, but also with a new attraction: De Alleskunner van Harreveld.

President Jos Weikamp is looking forward to it. He is gradually handing over his duties to successor Dorus Wolters, who has been part of the board for three years but has not yet experienced Pentecost due to the corona. “I will close the fair section this year. I will continue to participate in the Bird Shooting Committee this year and maybe next year, “says Weikamp on Café de Boer’s terrace. “I am very satisfied. It has been fantastic and we have a very good growth, a young creative club together.” Dorus Wolters nods in agreement. “During the corona period, some people stopped. Jos Weikamp and Sofie de Mooy are back from the Corona Party Committee. The other new members are: Roy Berentsen, Roel Kolkman, Linda Willemsteyn and Malou Hulshof. ” About his own role. “I had already indicated that I would like to take a seat on the party committee, no matter what role it may be. I would like to contribute to the Harreveld fair, for me is the most beautiful event found in Harreveld. Especially in the new form. I feel a little responsible for keeping it going, with a good music program, fun activities that young people also like to go to, feel connected to. ”

“We try to organize something that is fun for both young and old, even though this year we skip Sunday morning drinking time,” says Dorus. “In recent years, this has become less and less visited. If people still miss it, we’ll have to think of an alternative that appeals. In addition, some things have changed. New people at the cafe, a different decor of the fairgrounds because the cafe has been renovated and an almost new board. Then it gives some relief to push the drinking hour for a while and maybe pick it up again later. ”

The Pentecostal festival opens the traditional faith Saturday with the opening celebration in St. Agatha church at. 10.30 in collaboration with Sankt Agatha music association followed by Børnespillene and Tikampen with the final task in the tent. The cheerful note is provided during the activities of Doctors Swinging Infuustoeters. At 3 pm the attractions open and the party starts with DJ Lars. In the evening from 20.30 in the party tent LOS Nederpop and That 00’s show at 00.00. Sunday morning at 10.00 short morning, followed by ‘De Alleskunner van Harreveld’ at. 12.30. The attractions open at 1pm and the music program starts at 2.30pm with the kick-off of Bad Timing. From kl. 20.30 SatisFEXY and Chic Bazen at 00.00. Monday morning at 10:00 starts bird shooting, archery and target kick. The attractions open after the royal ceremony. Music this afternoon from 2 pm by Ploddebandet, in the evening at 8 pm the big closing party with DJ Leor.

Harrevelds all-rounder
Pentecost 2022’s amazing will be ‘The All-rounder of Harreveld’, hosted by Elmy Stottelaar, Joeri Stottelaar, Roel Waenink, Roelien Verhoeven and Joost Harbers. To tell if it joins the former. “We wanted a low threshold that both young and old could join. It is based on the TV series ‘De Alleskunner’, but we make it a little more local, ”Elmy begins. “They are all different games,” Joeri continues. “On TV there are 100 people and for every match one is dropped. We have narrowed it down and reduced it to 10 games, one is dropped every round. The one who stays is then ‘The All-rounder from Harreveld’.” “People can sign up for it. Anyone from the age of 12, either individually or as a duo. It can be done until Friday, June 4, and maybe until 12:00 on Sunday at the venue,” Elmy adds. humor, everything on the fun side. It’s very entertaining for the audience, but at the same time competitive of course, “laughs Roel.” You have to be at home in all markets. It is put together in such a way that even if 10 or 150 people come, it ends always with one winner, one all-rounder, “says Joeri.” We hope to have a good game with this, which we can use for a few years. “” The prize is also very special. Something permanent and a currency exchange, “concludes Elmy. The presentation is in safe hands on Dirk Jan Vreman. “For people who would normally have gone to the drinks class at the time, we offer the opportunity to see this while sitting. More than welcome even, ”adds Dorus. “We are very happy that everything is allowed and possible again. People are excited about it again. It’s great that it can happen again. “

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