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Jeroen Esselink and Linda Olthuis’ new royal couple De Bruil

By Jan Hendriksen

RUURLO – A colorful and creative children’s parade, traditional folk games such as bird shooting and throwing and musical chairs, lots of entertainment for children with a real obstacle course and glider, a live music band that performed in public for the very first time, an old-timer tour with no less than a hundred participants, a cozy neighborhood barbecue where more than two hundred residents attended and of course the four Ruurlose musicians from the ‘house orchestra’ in the village of De Sleppers were present. And there was finally a new king: Jeroen Esselink shot sharpest. However, the old and longest-serving queen because of the ‘corona’ does not seem to be moving away from her throne: Linda Olthuis was once again aiming for the best in bird-throwing. See here the ingredients for Hanenfeest 2022 by Naboforening De Bruil en Omstreken.

On Saturday and Sunday, the village of De Bruil en Omstreken ‘celebrates’ its annual Hanenfeest, which a few years ago was named after the former café’ t Haantje on Stapeldijk, which has since closed its doors. The cosily decorated party area on Tolhutterweg was the starting point for the children’s parade through the village around noon on Saturday. Ahead of the old and longest reigning royal couple in the village ever: Ap Wezinkhof and Linda Olthuis with youth prince Luuk Klein Bluemink in the wake. And what happens to the coincidences; Linda Olthuis extended her title in birding for women. Together with the new king Jeroen Esselink, she can ‘rule’ over De Bruil en Omstreken for another year. Thijs Wiegerinck was announced as the new youth prince. The concluding musical chairs at the folk games provided a spectacle in the late afternoon of Saturday. In the end, Henk Bannink (men), Marian Nijen Es (women) and Koen Hendriksen (youth) took the last place.
Saturday night was the Unstoppable Bands ‘turn’. This Top-2000 party band, consisting of five former musicians from the show band De Daltons and Realtime, got their baptism of fire at Hanenfeest. And you have to say that. After a somewhat nervous start, the enthusiasm of the musicians and the singer spread to the audience. It tasted of more.
Sunday morning it was early up again for the organizers. At ten o’clock a row of pearls of no less than a hundred vintage tractors led by Bennie Hanskamp started on a trip over forty kilometers towards Gelselaar. A break was taken with the Reurink family at Pierinkdijk. When the tractors returned to the party room around three o’clock on Sunday afternoon, breathless, more than two hundred local residents had already gathered for a delicious barbecue, where the men from De Sleppers were in charge of the music. In short: After two empty years of festivities, last weekend was again ‘old-fashioned’ fun at Hanenfesten.

Results Hanefest 2022
Prize winners folk games Rooster Festival Bird shooting gentlemen: Hull: Jeroen Esselink (King 2022); Hale: Jeroen Esselink; Leader: Aljoscha Broshuis; Left wing: Gerrit Visschers; Right wing: Robert Lievestro. Bird-throwing ladies: Hull: Linda Olthuis (Queen 2022); Hale: Jolanda Peters; Leader: Ineke Rebergen; Left wing: Anita Harbers; Right wing: Linda Olthuis. Youth Shooting: 1st Prize: Thijs Wiegerinck (Youth Prince 2022); 2nd: Koen Hendriksen; 3rd: Sven Hietbrink. Slalom shooting: 1st prize: Niek te Winkel; 2nd: Bennie Oortgiese; 3rd: Theo Lageijzer. Target shooting: 1st prize: Luuk Klein Bluemink; 2nd: Stef Wiegerinck; 3rd: Wim Langenbarg. Men’s chair dance: 1st prize: Henk Bannink; 2nd: Gerwin ter Maat; 3rd: Jeroen Stegeman. Women’s chair dance: 1st prize: Marian Nijenes; 2nd: Barbara Thomassen; 3rd: Anita Harbers. Chair dance youth: 1st prize: Koen Hendriksen; 2nd: Luuk de Weerdt; 3rd: Lobke Hendriksen. Shopping cart: Henny Lievestro; Children’s Parade: Lonely: 1st prize: Flamenco dancer Abby Scheening; 2nd: Noise Parrot Lois Scheening; 3 .: I walk in my duck, Joris Toevank. Duos: 1st prize: The sports team Frederiek Pillen and Jet Gerritsen. Groups: 1st prize: Bruisse Pirates, Senn Koenders, Juul Koenders, Hidde Koenders, Lis Koenders and Tess Koenders; 2nd: Bruiss OK team, Tess Broshuis, Mees Broshuis, Lenk Blikman, Carmen Blikman and Aniek Blikman; 3 .: Mariokart, Bas ter Maat, Berend ter Maat, Willem ter Maat, Sem Hondorp, Teun Hondorp and Sander Lidner.

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