Demeter, EKO and EU organic are among the 12 top quality brands

Of all the sustainable food claims, according to a study by Milieu Centraal, 12 quality brands remain the best in the Keurmerkwijzer. The independent information organization announces these 12 top quality brands to help consumers shop more sustainably. New to the list are the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) for rice and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) for palm oil. In addition, Climate Neutral Certified has been designated as a top quality brand for climate.

More and more consumers are asking critical questions about food labels. Consumers often do not know which claims on the packaging one can trust. The quality label guide shows what quality labels stand for. The most reliable and ambitious quality brands are called ‘top quality brands’. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is the grantor for this research. Minister Henk Staghouwer: “It is important to me that consumers can easily make the right sustainable and healthy choices. So kudos to the top quality brands that help by being ambitious and transparent on aspects such as animal welfare and the environment. The information is useful for consumers “when shopping, companies can use the information for the choices they make as a food producer, buyer or seller. It contributes to a sustainable food system.”

Food brands of the highest quality
“From coffee to chocolate, from dairy products to fish and from vegetables to eggs, there is a top-quality brand for almost all groceries,” says Paulien van der Geest, sustainable food expert at Milieu Centraal. “When buying food, make sure you choose a product with a top quality brand. You can see which top quality brands are on”

New: top quality label for the climate impact of food
This year, Milieu Centraal introduces the top-labeled climate for the climate impact of food. There are quality labels that specifically focus on reducing the climate impact of food. In view of the urgent nature of the climate crisis, Milieu Centraal shows consumers on with a special label, which quality label is very ambitious in this respect. Van der Geest: “It would be great if there was one top quality brand that is sustainable in all areas. A quality brand that is top notch in terms of climate, environment, animal welfare and fair trade.”

The 12 top quality brands according to Milieu Centraal:

  • ASC for farmed fish
  • Better Leven quality label (2 and 3 stars) for dairy products, eggs and meat
  • Demeter for biodynamic products
  • ECO for organic products
  • EU ecology for organic products
  • Fairtrade for tropical products
  • MSC for wild fish
  • On the way to PlanetProof for dairy, eggs, vegetables and fruit
  • Rainforest Alliance (including UTZ) for tropical products
  • Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) for palm oil
  • Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) for rice
  • Climate Neutral Certified (especially for food climate impact)

Still from the commercial – Milly is looking at some organic eggs

Evaluation process for food brands
Milieu Centraal bases its assessment of quality marks on information that is publicly available online. For each product group, all food brands are measured against the same standard in terms of their reliability, transparency and ambition in terms of the sustainability aspects of environment, animal welfare and people & work. The efforts for the climate are classified under environment in Keurmerkwijzer. The scores for individual logos are relative to the scores for other logos within a product group. In this way, logos within a group can be easily compared (benchmark). Logos are always evaluated by two researchers from Milieu Centraal. An expert group performs an additional assessment of food logos.

Response from organic industry
On behalf of the organic sector, Michaël Wilde (Director of the chain organization Bionext) responds that there are three organic quality labels on the list of top quality labels: “Five of the twelve top quality labels have a direct impact. On the Dutch agricultural system. It is Dierenbescherming, On the way to PlanetProof and the three organic quality brands.It indicates that the organic sector is very strong and that we have the certification side in order.We as a sector can be quite proud I am convinced that you must have brands Consumers must be trusted to quality labels because consumers play an important role in the agricultural and food transition. Therefore, consumers need to know which brands to trust and the quality label guide certainly contributes to this. “

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