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Since the launch of The Frame in 2017, Samsung has strived to make art more accessible to all. From the comfort of your armchair, choose the most beautiful works from the most special art collections in The Frame Art Store and take them home. The art shop’s growing collection is exclusive through collaboration between iconic institutions, art organizations and independent artists. The collection now consists of more than 1,600 works of art, from classical to modern and everything in between. There is something for everyone.

The Art Store also provides new artists with a platform where millions of art and design enthusiasts can access their work. The collaboration between Minted and Samsung plays an important role in this. The partnership will allow artists and designers from more than a hundred countries to showcase their work alongside iconic works by world-renowned artists.

Samsung Newsroom spoke with Mariam Naficy, founder, co-CEO and president of Minted about the partnership.

Question: Can you tell me how technology helps you on your mission to support new artists and make art more accessible?

For novice artists, reaching a larger audience is often a challenge. At Minted, our goal has always been to help them do just that. Regardless of the artists’ background, we show the best in new art and design on our online platform. That way, people can get acquainted with art in a non-committal way.

Every month we arrange art and design challenges where everyone in the world can participate. Our customers can vote for their favorite posts. Then our algorithms analyze the votes to determine the winner. Our crowdsourcing ensures inclusivity and at the same time brings refreshing and trendy art to the market. By teaming up with The Frame Art Store from Samsung, we reach an even larger audience. We are, of course, very happy about that. New artists’ works are therefore available digitally and in thousands of living rooms around the world.

Q: What made you decide to shop at the art store?

Like Minted, Samsung aims to help people discover and support artists with the Art Store. Samsung has already put together a beautiful art collection in the Art Store, including works from prestigious museums from around the world. We are proud that imprinted artists can now be seen in the same digital gallery. By bringing the pieces of upcoming artists into people’s homes, Samsung contributes to spaciousness and better accessibility. These values ​​are also very important to Minted.

Q: Could you share a Minted artist’s success story?

The artists who ended up in the Art Store via Minted all have different backgrounds. The paths they have walked are as different as their personal stories. Bethania Lima is one of the artists who built her career through Minted. She is Brazilian and lives in Uruguay. She has focused on creating special surface designs, such as rugs. Thanks to our collaboration with Kunstbutikken, her reach has increased enormously.

Q: What do you think is the advantage of art at The Frame compared to visiting art galleries and exhibitions?

It makes art more accessible. In many households, the residents gather in the room where the television is also located. This way you share art and design with friends and family in a very natural way. You talk about it and enjoy it. With art on The Frame, you transform a living space into your personal gallery.

The art shop’s audience continues to grow. This provides more opportunities for participating artists. We also love the specially curated lists in the Art Store, which allow you to discover new art by theme.

Question: How has your own work evolved since you first collaborated with Samsung?

Our monthly challenges ensure that we always offer the latest in art and design. This year we have renewed the Minted Art collection especially for the art shop. It was the first time since Minted’s launch. In our new collection you will now find a versatile group of artists and designers, as well as the latest art trends.

Q: Which works would you recommend?

  • Fernanda Martinez is an artist based in Oakland, California. She is the founder of La Tinta Art and creates abstract paintings and murals using natural elements. She has an experimental and intuitive approach, and that makes her works unique statements. It is about feelings of belonging and growth. Martinez ‘artwork’ Everything Changes’, for example, is inspired by a sunny day in the city. In this one, she combines the yellow and brown tones of the city buildings with vibrant golden, orange and blue tones. In this way, she creates a unique and modern composition.

  • Brandy Brown is the creative director of Marabou Design. As a wife and mother, she is inspired by her modern family and their special friends. Her background is in the graphic arts sector, and she is convinced that functionality and manageable design go hand in hand. Like her personality, you can describe her work as playful and smart. In his play ‘Festooned’, Brown imagines the calm of a BIPOC[1]woman with a sumptuous bouquet in her hand. Just as you have flowers in many shapes and colors, Brown aims to capture the vast spectrum of femininity in her digital art.

  • Raven Erebus is an artist living and working in Silicon Valley. She was a software engineer before turning entirely to art as her health deteriorated. Erebus’ work reflects the magic of everyday reality. She is often inspired by her immediate environment as she has a chronic disorder. A pen and ink drawing like ‘A Long Ray Around’ consists of interconnected lines inspired by shapes from nature. The soothing and minimalist design fits perfectly into a modern interior.

Visit the Art Store at The Frame to see the latest crowdsourced artwork from the Minted x Samsung collaboration.

[1] BIPOC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, People of Color’.

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