66 refugees from Ukraine received in Dongen

Currently, 64 refugees in Dongen municipality have been received at reception centers arranged by the municipality. This includes a total of 18 children under 18 years of age. There are currently two Ukrainian refugees known to be staying with private individuals in Dongen.

The accommodation takes place at the location Dongepark van Mijzo, in Glorieux and in a group house in Casade. The seats in these places are largely occupied. At the moment, the municipality is almost meeting the target.

Reception and guidance
The reception and guidance have been further elaborated in the past period. The refugees are personally received by an employee of the municipality at their residence to welcome them, reassure them and tell them what to expect from Dongen municipality. After this personal welcome, Refugee Work will start the tutorial. They then become the point of contact for the refugees.

Further agreements are concluded with the Dutch Refugee Council on the guidance that the Dutch Refugee Council can offer. The Norwegian Refugee Council has been asked to play a role in, for example, getting to know the living environment, facilitating access to the health care system, registering for education, referring to participatory activities (social, cultural and recreational), guidance and referral to (voluntary work). ) work and registration and registration with (municipal) authorities.

living money
From May 18, Ukrainian refugees can apply for living allowance. Ukrainian refugees are entitled to a financial benefit. The Ordinance on the Reception of Displaced Persons in Ukraine, laid down by the Minister and Secretary of State for Security and Justice, stipulates that the financial compensation to be received by the displaced person consists of an amount for food and an amount for clothing and other personal expenses. The amount of food in a reception facility where the displaced provide their own food is € 205 per person. person pr. month. The amount for clothes and other personal expenses is € 55 per person. person pr. month.

The financial benefit that the displaced person must receive in private reception facilities also includes a residential part. The amount for the housing component is € 215 per. adult per month and € 55 per. month per. minor. The financial subsidy can be requested via Dongen municipality’s website. To date (May 25), the municipality has received 24 applications.

Education and childcare
Last Monday, seven children started at Westerkim Elementary School. Students who qualify for a youth education program are currently under supervision. To date, no children have started childcare.

language teaching
From Taal Centraal (part of the ContourdeTwern assignment) motivated volunteers in Dongen provide language tuition to Ukrainian refugees who are interested in this. This is well used. In addition, a number of refugees are attending NT2 Dutch lessons at MST in Tilburg, for which there is a growing enthusiasm.

Sports and movement
Sports providers have not yet received any registrations. The offer is made extra aware via means of communication at the reception points.

Agreements are currently being made with GPs, GGD and midwives on the use of refugee care issues.

DongenWorks! held a hearing at the Glorieux Reception Center on 19 May. Several refugees have been given information about job opportunities. About 30 refugees came to this consultation hour. A face-to-face meeting was held with many to look at employment opportunities. There is now a hard search to find the right matches. Many refugees have had a very specific job in their home country, such as dentist, director of a bank, etc. This makes it difficult to find similar work in the Netherlands. Many jobs can be found in the catering industry (kitchen), horticulture, logistics and production because language is less important here.

The reception of refugees in Dongen municipality is peaceful and pleasant. There are no incidents to report.

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