Art collection Amstelveen can be seen for free in Museum JAN and Cobra Museum from 2 July

AMSTELVEEN This summer, Amstelveen municipality will present its art treasures to a wide audience. The exhibition ‘Collected for Amstelveen – the municipal art collection’ can be seen from 2 July to 25 September. This will take place in two places: in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art and in Museum JAN.

The exhibition is free for all residents of Amstelveen in both places. In addition to the masterpieces of the past, ‘Samlet til Amstelveen’ also contains the latest municipal acquisitions. This year, the municipality has invited four artists to reflect on the collection. The public will get a scoop on these modern works of art.

LEADING Over the past seventy years, Amstelveen municipality has built up a collection of leading visual art. The municipality began collecting around 1955. The choice of certain works or artists depended on the available budget and the instructors involved. The municipality itself ordered or bought from artists, galleries and the then exhibition center Aemstelle. The entire art collection has now been compiled and digitized. Beautiful works by, for example, Melanie Bonajo and Edgar Fernhout have appeared.

AMSTELVEEN MUSEUM The exhibition Collected for Amstelveen is divided into two Amstelveen museums. A selection of works of art from the municipal depot are on display in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. The commissions, purchases and donations show a versatile collection of well-known names from Dutch art history from the 1960s to the present day. The public will be introduced to Amstelveen artists such as Gerard Schäperkötter and Jaap Egmond, and internationally acclaimed artists such as Corneille and Melanie Bonajo.

MUSEUM JAN Amstelveen’s topographical atlas is central to Museum JAN. Since 1958, the municipality has had artists register the changes in the landscape in and around Amstelveen. The result: a rich collection of watercolors, individual paintings and drawings, which are sometimes supplemented with purchases. A selection of these can be seen in the exhibition combined with commissioned assignments in response to the 1989 release ‘Zo I see Amstelveen’ and three new acquisitions.

“They promise to be two wonderful exhibitions, which are carefully put together in collaboration with both museums,” says councilor Herbert Raat (art and culture). “We hope for a high attendance this summer. By making it freely accessible to everyone in Amstelveen, we remove any financial obstacles. That way, everyone can enjoy the rich collection of works of art that have not been exhibited to the public for a long time. This fits in with our cultural policy De Stad als Podium, which aims to make art and culture accessible to all Amstelveners. ”

LATEST ARRIVALS The municipality expands the art collection with works by contemporary artists based in the region and thus continues the tradition as a customer. Four artists have been asked to create a new work related to the exhibition Collected for Amstelveen. These acquisitions are presented in the exhibitions.

Johannes Verwoerd (1985) uses augmented reality to unlock the exhibited works from the municipal collection in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, both in the museum and on the street. Around the Topographical Atlas in Museum JAN, Jaehun Park (1986), Mitchell Thar (1991) and Yana Naidenov (1988) depict the spatial development of Amstelveen. The content attention for the landscape remains unchanged, but the method of shooting is more contemporary: from digital sculptures to physical installations.

Further information can be found on the websites of Visit Amstelveen, Museum JAN and the Cobra Museum of Modern Art.

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