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Zwolle – Together towards a valuable future for Zwolle. That is the motto of the four coalition parties ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, D66 and CDA. The new coalition continues to build a sustainable, social and inclusive city that grows while preserving the human dimension and quality of life. For that is the strength of the city.

The four parties face major challenges, such as the construction of sufficient new and affordable housing to start, low-income people, residents with a need for care and the growing group of seniors in Zwolle. To increase the supply of affordable housing, the coalition is making an extra effort to build flexible housing.

The space for new houses is initially sought in the existing city. If the housing challenge cannot be solved within the existing city, the coalition will look at where to build, while preserving natural values, based on current research into the region’s urbanization.

A prerequisite for the development of the city is that the accessibility in and to the city remains in order. This is only possible if the shift to cleaner forms of mobility takes place. The basic principle here is that new modes of transport and alternative parking solutions must first be developed and only then will the old ones be abolished.

New low-traffic areas will be added to the city center in stages in line with current and dominant use. At the same time, work is being done on adequate parking facilities and mobility hubs around the city center. Also for bicycle routes in the city center, new ones must first be created before the old ones disappear. A dynamic mobility agenda is being used to increase road safety.

Another major challenge is the climate crisis, which requires an acceleration of energy transition. The goal of making Zwolle climate-neutral will be tightened by 2040. To achieve this goal, additional support will be provided to residents and businesses that want to insulate or make their premises more sustainable. The coalition, together with the government, wants to invest in building the heating network and give residents’ initiatives a role in heating projects. She is also looking for another place for wind turbines. A separate nature investment agenda is created to increase biodiversity and natural values ​​in urban and rural areas.

In order to provide equal opportunities for children growing up in poverty, the income limit for the child scheme and for the compensation for sports clubs is raised from 110 to 130% of the minimum income. Sport and exercise are important, and the public space should invite that. Including construction of a new skate park.

The movements that have been initiated in recent years in the reform domain of the social domain are being continued and strengthened, such as the shift from heavier to lighter care. This applies in particular to youth aid and the organization of assistance close to young people. Particular attention is paid to young people’s approach and prevention of drug use, for example by making use of the experiences from the Icelandic approach.

The four parties are committed to further strengthening the social foundation: the networks and social connections that people can fall back on when they need help. Extra emphasis will be placed on informal carers and a voluntary advisory council.

Art and culture enrich the city and ensure liveliness. They make a city attractive as a place to live and work. The growth of the city also includes an appropriate range of cultural facilities. Therefore, additional fundamentals are being put in place with extra money for incubators, studios and art in the neighborhoods. The new coalition also wants to contribute to the move from Fraterhuis to the new Handelshuys. She also supports Fundatie, ArtEZ and Cibap’s cultural hotspot in Spoorzone and the further development of Akademihuset.

In a spacious city, everyone can be themselves and participate, through paid work or volunteer work. Through perspective conversations with people who have been on the sidelines for some time, and new agreements with TIEM, more from Zwolle should be guided into work. Status holders who do not fall under the Integration Act can also count on tailor-made solutions in the coming years to participate in society.

The coalition chooses a circular economy. Therefore, it wants to strengthen the position of existing business parks and prioritize sustainable entrepreneurs and knowledge-intensive creative companies. Impact entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to contribute to social issues together with the municipality. The successful approach to the human capital agenda will be continued.

Confidence in the government is under pressure. The new coalition wants to give confidence and hopes to receive it as a result. By listening and staying in the conversation, by communicating as simply as possible and by being accessible to all. If this is not possible digitally, by telephone and if this is not possible, at the counter or at a service point.

Together with the municipal council, a new approach is being developed to involve the residents in new municipal buildings, but also in initiatives from other parties in the city. Halfway through the city council term, there is a mirror discussion with residents and organizations in Zwolle about the status of implementation of plans and ambitions.


The four parties want to set aside extra money for the strategic investment agenda in order to be able to work with the city’s quality and major area developments such as Spoorzone, Nieuwe Veemarkt and Zwartewaterzone in the coming years. In order to realize the ambitions for the development of the city, it is also necessary to invest in the municipal organization.

Although Zwolle is in good economic shape, the coalition takes into account the uncertainty surrounding municipal finances and the economic situation. Therefore, we seek extra income, for example by applying for subsidies from the public sector or by making a (higher) contribution from visitors and users of the city center, such as tourist tax and parking fees.

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