The Volkskrant TV selection for Thursday 26 May

Tom Cruise and Top Gun.

This is the problem

NPO 2, 20.26

In the new program This is the problem Tijs van den Brink, Margje Fikse and Kefah Allush examine moral dilemmas and ethical issues from current events from different perspectives. Tonight, for example, they wonder how things are going with the Dutchman’s patriotism and fighting spirit. Could the Netherlands turn a similar fist into an invading force that we are currently seeing happening in Ukraine? In the coming weeks This is the problem among other things, we will consider the relationship between humans and animals and the limits of our hospitality.

The Ascension Passion

NPO 1, 20.29

For the first time it is Easter show Passions a tail at Ascension. IN The Ascension Passion After the crucifixion of Jesus (Soy Kroon), the story is picked up again by various main characters. Mary Magdalene (Kim-Lian van der Meij) discovers that Jesus’ tomb is empty and is ordered to continue her work. Meanwhile, Peter (Thomas Cammaert) struggles with guilt for having left his friend. Ruud de Wild returns as narrator and Noortje Herlaar plays the role of Jesus’ mother Mary.

Top Gun

Only 5, 20.30

(Action, Tony Scott, 1986) Top Gun was one of the movie stars of the 1980s. Then sold as an action movie, now mainly one sentimental journey: Tom Cruise with Ray-Ban glasses that are too big, Anthony Edwards with a mustache, Val Kilmer with blow-dried hair and music by Harold Faltermeyer. It remains a celebration, this story of the machos of the elite pilot training in the U.S. Navy. good guy Tom Cruise and bad guy Val Kilmer competes to be the best, and sometimes Kelly McGillis goes to turn Tom Cruise’s head. The long-awaited sequel is coming to theaters this week.

The dark rider rises

Veronica, 8:30 p.m.

(Action, Christopher Nolan, 2012) The last part of Christopher Nolans Batmanthe trilogy was overshadowed by the cinema premiere of a shooting in which a mad man in an American cinema killed 12 people during the premiere. It is logical that at that time there was less attention to the quality of the film. But The dark rider rises is a worthy end piece, though it may not hold up to the genius of its predecessor The Black Knight (2008) tip. In it, Heath Ledger was unmatched as The Joker; this time there’s Tom Hardy with distorted, licking bass voice as the masked Bane.

Tom Hardy and The Dark Knight Rises.  Picture

Tom Hardy and The Dark Knight Rises.

3Doc: Ryan is pregnant

NPO 3, 20.58

The non-binary Ryan started a transition years ago which would change his body drastically through hormones. Ryan has got a strong beard, but it was still possible to get pregnant. Ryan and David are now expecting their first child together. Ryan runs into obstacles, as shown in the documentary Ryan is pregnant† As a transgender person, Ryan feels he must always answer for his desire to have children, and it is impossible to apply for maternity leave because Ryan is registered as a man at work.

Jerry Maguire

Kun 5, 22.40

(Ko, Cameron Crowe, 1996) The Cruise Evening on Net 5 (see also: Top Gun) continues with this delightful comedy in which the star actor plays a shrewd sports agent who repents and risks his luxurious life. His rapidly shrinking world is portrayed almost literally: While the film opens with an extraterrestrial view of the earth, the globe in the almost closed office of the title character played by Cruise is already much smaller. Magnificent performances by Cruise (“Show me the moneeeey!”), Renée Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.  Picture Brunopress

Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.Picture Brunopress


NPO 2, 23.17

Yazidi Home Center works to free Yazidi women kidnapped by Islamic State and trafficked as sex slaves from Al-Hol Syrian refugee and detention camps. In his latest documentary Sabaya Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker Hogir Hirori follows a couple of volunteers who enter the tent camp in the middle of the night and risk their own lives. Dressed in the niqab, they track down the women and smuggle them out of the camp. In a safe shelter, the women are waiting to be reunited with their families.

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