Tom Cruise as a young god

He’s turning 60 this summer. Tom Cruise, 60! Despite that, we see the actor as a young God in the cinema from tomorrow. because Top Gun is back after 36 years as Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun was the best-selling film of the year in 1986. So it took so long before ‘the other’ can be seen in Dutch cinemas. So every possible reason Top Gun: Maverick must be marked as SubwayThis week’s movie review.

The young people seem to dwell on some people forever. The American Tom Cruise, from 1962, is one of them. Nice to see him as muscular as anything else. Leather jacket around the body, trendy sunglasses on the head and speed on a motorcycle against Top Gunair base. Of course, he is occasionally rejected as an old fart by a new group of young pilots. But there is also a shot, sitting on a beach chair, where one momentarily thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo has become an actor. Yes, Tom Cruise looks like a young god.

The Story of Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell has been employed as for over thirty years Top Gunpilot in the fleet, call sign Maverick (freely translated: independent thinking and type of operation). He’s still self-employed when he’s in his early teens Top Gun: Maverick will be the fastest pilot on Earth for a while. And goes against all orders one step further. But also career-wise: he remains the eternally brave test pilot who evades any chance of promotion. He must and will sit in a plane with his Top Gun girlfriend calls. However, Mitchell is being asked to train a new group of Top Gun pilots and that is not something for him. “I’m not a teacher,” he tells his superior.

“The future is just around the corner, you do not belong there”, the superior ball bounces back. ‘Airplanes will no longer need pilots. You will never fly for the Navy again. “Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell must die. He becomes the instructor of the eleven best-trained men and a woman in the Top Gun training. They must carry out a mega-dangerous bomb attack on an underground uranium factory. An operation with so many dangers and difficulties that not even Maverick should experience it on one mission before.

Reunion with son, old flight mate

One of the pilots is Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller). He is the son of Maverick’s friend Goose, who lives in Top Gun of 1986 was killed during a joint flight. Rooster still blames Maverick for the fatal crash and especially for Pete Mitchell stopping his flight training earlier. Not knowing that it was a wish of Rooster’s mother and that Maverick has respected her request.

Top Gun: Maverick
Miles Counts as Bradley Rooster’s Bradshaw. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Well cast by the way, the one that Miles Teller. He really looks like a son of the Goose (Anthony Edwards) from Top Gun from 1986. The most dangerous mission ever and the road to it, it’s inside Top Gun: Maverick At least it was fun for more than two hours. In all secrecy, you as a viewer would also like to be such a heroic pilot. Or pilot because Monica Barbaro is the only lady who is tougher than tough. Of course, there is also a certain love for the main character Tom Cruise in the game. A love affair with a bar owner (Jennifer Connelly) who just can not get started. It also has to do with something from the past.

Ties between Maverick and Booster

But where is it in Top Gun: Maverick What really matters, apart from the necessary action, is of course the bond between Pete Mitchell and the kid from his past, Rooster. That makes the film interesting. If something terrible happened years ago and one blames the other, can it still be okay? Especially when operating together in something that in itself is almost impossible and requires the greatest concentration?

Meanwhile, Maverick has not forgotten his mischievous tricks. Also such a typical thing that in 1986 played just as much the overtones. Reluctant to orders, trusting in himself. But not everything is going well … The most important issue in this Top Gun: Maverick: Does Tom Cruise’s character send the young son of Goose on a mission and then directly to the grave? Or will he leave him at home and never be forgiven by the son of his fallen comrade-in-arms? All of this, of course, is related. Even in an F14, the plane that Pete Maverick Mitchell flew in Top Gun of 1986 flew. For Rooster, it’s a thing ‘from the Middle Ages’, but also a thing where his father lost his life.

Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise as Pete Maverick Mitchell. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Special mention to Val Kilmer

A special mention deserves the actor Val Kilmer. He played in Top Gun from before, a fantastic role as Tom Cruise’s pilot colleague The Iceman. Kilmer is with Top Gun: Maverick in an equally charged and modest role. He has begged for that, the actor has i.a. The doors admitted. His short play as ill is magnificent, but above all striking. Kilmer can barely speak after he developed throat cancer in 2014. For that Top Gun his voice has been ‘created’ again through AI technology. It’s an equally powerful example as the whole mission from this film.

And Tom Cruise? We are far from done with him. He will appear again next year in such a classic, Impossible mission† Full title of the film Mission: Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning: Part 1 can be seen in cinemas as it looks now from July 14, 2023. Tom Cruise has just celebrated his 61st birthday.

Rating out of 5: 4.

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