What to do during Ascension Day? Ten tips for fun excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

From different markets to a car puzzle, from different children’s activities to growing tomato plants. There is plenty to do this long weekend in Groningen and Drenthe!

Enjoy ceramics at the ceramics market in Dwingeloo

About 90 carefully selected potters from home and abroad show their work on Ascension Day from 10 am to 5 pm. 28. Ceramic market in northern Holland in Dwingeloo. Each market stall on the big green is transformed into a small exhibition space.

The potter himself is present and it is possible to discuss form, colors and details in his or her work with the artist. In addition, the work can be purchased immediately and taken with you. To elevate the mood, there is live music from several musicians throughout the day. Admission is 4 euros, children up to 12 years have free admission.

Fun puzzles in the car

The Association for Folkeunderholdning Eelde arranges one car puzzle tour for cars and motorcycles. A trip in and around Tynaarlo municipality. If you complete the trip well, you can win one of the great prizes! The tour starts at 2 pm from Café Mekie’s in Eelde. Participation costs 10 euros per car.

The Ascension Market Gieterveen

For years a well-known name in the area and far beyond. That Ascension market in Gieterveen. A very well-attended market with sometimes more than 30,000 visitors. A band of stalls filled with new merchandise, an extensive flea market, plenty to eat and drink thanks to the catering industry.

Following the mill “de Eendracht”, where fresh bread is baked from the clay oven, the PKN church with its own book market and the cultural Kleine Kerkje (which is open), this market is worth a visit.

Ascension Day weekend in Family Park Nienoord

Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 days in a row with party fun in Familiepark Nienoord. In it ascension weekend there are also extra guest drivers present on the tracks, the most beautiful miniature ships are in the pond and there are demonstrations with model building tricks. Get your face painted, race on the go-kart track or look for the foxes during a fox hunt.

On Thursday there is a special guest, namely Thomas de Trein. Visit the show at 11.30 followed by a Meet & Greet. The family park is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Sheep shearing, market and cuddling of young calves at the Tjamsweerster fair

Those who love young calves, fancy a dairy tasting or for those who may be wondering about vintage tractors, there is Friday from 6 p.m. Tjamsweerster Messe in Appingedam. More than 25 exhibitors will be present at the fair with their unique and homemade products. The day is combined with the open days of the Friesland Campina farm.

Have you ever seen sheep shearing? There is a real sheep shearing party at the fair. Workshops and activities for young and old are also arranged. There is a wooden cow that can be milked and children can have their faces painted. A basket weaving demonstration is given, and who wants to jump on a cow? It is also possible to ride across the country with pony and carriage for a small fee. The profits from this go to the Opkikker Foundation. Everyone can enjoy a snack and a drink in the catering area.

There is free admission, as well as parking. This is allowed in the country. The location is around the church Tjamsweer on Dominee Sijperdapad in Appingedam. The fair is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Open garden with old French country tomatoes

The Hunzehof in Eexterveen has once again grown beautiful varieties (30) of tomato plants. Come by until the end of May and enjoy the beautiful garden and try to grow the tomatoes yourself. Plant now in a pot or in the ground and enjoy delicious home-grown tomatoes in July!

The garden has a traditional decor, but with a nod to the present. Beautiful borders with hedges around the house, ponds and forests make a walk across the farm and through this nature property an experience. If you walk quietly, you will pass the orchard, a pond garden, kitchen garden and a nearly 4 hectare nature reserve with natural fen. When you are out of the forest, you go to the viewpoint at Elzenmaat (Drenthe Landscape), where the Hunze river again winds freely. Then return to De Hunzehof (950 meters). In the coming weeks open the garden and you are most welcome to come and enjoy the garden.

Artwork in the Park

Artwork in the Park is a must for artists who want to offer their art to a wide audience. And also for visitors to the market who are looking for affordable art of good standard. The art market is held in Hoogeveen on Saturday in and around Jannes van der Sleedenhuis (Wolfsbos location) from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Artworks … in Porres Toen

Saturday is Leek is then in Alteveer the stage for all kinds of artistic expression. For example, there is Meet & Greet with street artist PH1 working in the garden, and you can see more than fifty poems. Listen to Ilona Smid’s intimate listening songs, Bianca Holst’s sound world and the woodwind trio, which mixes with the sounds of nature. The activities last from 13.00 to 17.00.

Forest activities with IVN in Marum

The Scharrelkids Youth Department of IVN Westerkwartier eo is holding a forest activity at Trimunt at Kloosterweg in Marum. You do all kinds of tasks in groups, and each group is given a backpack with tasks to be performed. Armed with search cards, binoculars, toy mice, flags, magnifying glasses, petri dishes, crayons, chalk, blindfolds and drawing sheets, it looks like it’s going to be a fun afternoon.

The start is at the Staatsbosbeheers car park on Kloosterweg. It starts at half past two and lasts until around four o’clock. Will you be with? Sign up at gerdawestvanfast@gmail.com. The activity is free and parents can also participate.

Market! at Drafbaan in Groningen

Imagine yourself in the atmosphere of the most famous vintage markets on Sunday No Hill and The March on the Puces † Just close to home, in Groninger Stadspark. Market! is a large festival market with a very varied range of stalls. The festival site is divided into several islands, each with its own character; Ibiza, bohemian, vintage, flea market, vinyl, flea, clothing, books, regional products and more.

In addition to the many stalls, Markt! a festival atmosphere, a cozy food market, vintage terraces and trendy food trucks. Is there entertainment for the little ones and there are performances by cool bands and DJs. Open from 11:00 to 19:00.

You can find more excursions on dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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