Revenue Rye bread weighing for Het Elderink Swimming Pool Foundation


HENGELO – At Muldersfluite, the traditional Rye Bread Weighing Ascension Day was again held on the road from Zelhem to Hengelo. Also this year, many interested and buyers of rye bread were welcomed. The good spring weather certainly helped. All the delivered bread is sold!

By Gerhard ten Bokkel

During the morning, volunteers from the Antiquities Associations Salehem and De Olde Kaste, Museum Smedekinck and Chr. Oratorio choir from Zelhem in construction. From 12 o’clock they have been busy promoting their articles. In Museum Smedekinck’s tent and a number of stalls, old games and old professions are demonstrated. Midwinter horn players are heard and books are sold. It is very cozy by the stalls and terrace, which Museum Smedekinck has furnished on Zelhemseweg. There are lots of coffee, tea and sodas for sale as well as burgers and sausages! Enthusiasts can also enjoy an ice cream!

The Mulder Flute Charity 2022
Around 1 pm, the musicians from Bloaköppe wind orchestra from Crescendo and the peasant dance group Wi’j Eren ‘t Olde Velswijk leave for Erve Massink. There they load the rye bread delivered by the taxable farmers on the decorated bread truck. A little later, the dance group and the wind orchestra return with the fully loaded decorated rye bread cart. The open wagon of Stap en Draf has been added to the parade, which brings Councilor Evert Blaauw and his partner to the site of the bread weighing.
Caritas Keijenborg chooses Stichting Swimming Pool Het Elderink as a charity! This basis has arisen from the citizens’ initiative to preserve the swimming pool. Young and old can enjoy this swimming pool, where volunteers are indispensable. This attractive facility is of great importance for the viability of Hengelo and the surrounding area now and in the future. The chairman of the Annette Kok Foundation gives an explanation, and her call to the public to buy a lot of rye bread certainly helped.

Drink to councilor and driver
Before the councilor takes the podium, he and the drivers traditionally receive a drink from chairman Henk Waarlo and secretary Gerhard ten Bokkel from the Stichting Historische Broodweging Muldersfluite. Meanwhile, representatives of the four denominations have been sitting on the podium car at HCI. They take turns deciding where the profits go. The seniors get tea with a biscuit. Then they can smoke their Gouda pipes and enjoy a glass of red wine. Meanwhile, the members of Wi’j Eren ‘t Olde staged the rye bread. Councilor Blaauw tells visitors in detail about the origins of this tradition. He also points to the importance of volunteering in activities. Also when it comes to the hospitable reception of refugees from Ukraine in our municipality Bronckhorst!

The heaviest breads
This year, the taxpayers ordered 639 pounds of rye bread from baker Sloot in Keijenborg. This baker has been supplying rye bread to taxable farms since 1919. In addition, a number of farms have made a financial contribution to charity. After a successful performance by the dance group Wi’j Eren ‘t Olde, the biggest loaves are weighed by the bread scale. Then auctioneer Fred Ruiterman starts selling them.

Honnekink Farm delivers the heaviest 45lb bread and is rewarded with two bottles of wine. This bread costs 140 euros and was bought by Caritas Keijenborg. The second 44-pound loaf of bread was supplied by Tankink Farm. The highest bid comes from Diaconie Zelhem, which pays 150 euros for the bread. The third 40-pound loaf comes from farm ‘t Lenderink. It will go to Bronckhorst municipality for 140 euros. Both farms receive a bottle of wine. The fourth bread of 30 pounds from the Beijerink farm is not included in the prizes, but will give 120 euros through bids from Diaconie Hengelo. The heaviest breads are later sent to care centers and the food counter. More than 100 visitors then come to the pile of sliced ​​rye bread and go home satisfied with a packet of craft bread under their arm.

Successful day
Stichting Historische Broodweging Muldersfluite is very pleased with the successful day, which was made possible in part by the many volunteers. They are certainly happy that the taxpayers – even after two years without weighing bread – have once again cooperated in this age-old tradition. At that time, it was the hereditary farmers, ie owners of the farms, who themselves decided to honor the excise duty for sod cutting and peat cutting in the field when the field was closed down. They did this by continuously taxing their heirs after the sale or inheritance on the farm, as a form of poverty relief. The sod in Marke was bound by rules. Non-heirs were only allowed to do this with special permission.

The tradition of delivering and weighing rye bread has been honored again this year. Thanks to the buyers. The Het Elderink Swimming Pool Foundation will definitely be happy about that. It is good that this unique tradition is being preserved. The board of Historisk Broodweging Muldersfluite hopes to be able to hold the event together with the tax collectors and the many volunteers. In addition, we thank all the sponsors who make this traditional rye bread weighing possible every time., select Marken til Hengelo, Muldersfluite

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