The Volkskrant TV committee for Sunday 29 May

Zoe Here and Tomboy.


NPO 3, 15.30

(Drama, Céline Sciamma, 2011) When 10-year-old Laure is confused with a boy by the children in her new hometown, does she go there – spontaneously? – immediately. It’s summer vacation, so Laure will be able to hold this one up to his deathly serious masquerade for a while. But what if she’s going to school? And then there’s Lisa, a girl who falls wildly in love with the new boy. Phenomenal how director-screenwriter Sciamma portrays his protagonist’s silent wishes in this summer drama, without the slightest urge for big gestures or strongly accentuated drama. Lead actress Zoé Héran is not only disarming, but also takes an almost intangible seriousness into her role.

Scene: Baroque and Paramaribo

NPO 2, 18.23

The young singers Arturo den Hartog and Lucretia Starke follow a classical singing education at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, but started their singing studies at the Kathedrale Koorschool in Paramaribo. In a special episode of Podium, they take the Holland Baroque Ensemble to Suriname to make music with as many local children as possible during educational concerts. The tour ends with a special concert in the wooden cathedral in Paramaribo with the ensemble, the two soloists and 130 students from the choir school.

Ete 85

France 2, 21.10.

(Drama, François Ozon, 2020) Successful adaptation of Aidan Chamber’s classic youth novel You should dance on my grave† As if he’s fishing beautiful boys out of the water every day, so casually does David bring the half-drunk Alexis home safely. Alexis falls head over heels for him. At first, François Ozon seems to be heading in the direction of an erotic thriller, but the sharp edges from Ozon’s previous work are still missing. The remarkably modest Ete 85 is Ozone’s first foray into the young adult genre, but even adults can easily relate to this all-consuming teenage love.

Félix Lefebvre (left) and Benjamin Voisin in Été 85. Statue K2

Félix Lefebvre (left) and Benjamin Voisin in Été 85.Picture K2

Farm Of Thirst

NPO 3, 20.19

After a successful first season, which Raven van Dorst calls ‘a warm-up’, new guests are arriving at Farm Van Dorst from this week onwards. Well-known Dutch people come to help with sowing and harvesting, milking and plowing, shoveling and repairing faeces. Tonight, Van Dorst receives the illusionist Hans Klok and the comedian, singer and actress Eva Crutzen. The first job is to renovate the dome-shaped greenhouse that was set up in the first season by Raven and Emma Wortelboer. Storm Eunice caused significant damage to Parliament last winter.


NPO 2, 22:09

Few Dutch people will have noticed that providers of online gambling games have been allowed to advertise since October 1st. On TV, radio and the internet, commercials with Dutch celebrities are flashing by at a rapid pace. Providers must comply with the rules and intervene if players threaten to become addicted. For this, they need to keep track of who is playing too often and who is spending too much money. Pointer examined whether these rules are implemented correctly. That is certainly not the case, but the government – the owner of Toto and Holland Casino – is not intervening.

The public gallery

NPO 2, 22:41

Many young people are sensitive to the status quo and temptation of quick money. As a result, they easily end up in crime. Moreover, they remain stuck in it because every third convicted juvenile commits the crime again within two years. The Ministry of Justice notes that the number of repeat offenders is increasing, but does not appear to have an answer to the problem. How often are young people entitled to a second chance? In the public gallery, Coen Verbraak receives young people, parents and social workers who will speak to Justice Minister Franc Weerwind.

3 days in Quiberon

ARD, 12:05

(Drama, Emily Atef, 2018) It’s 1981, a year before the death of actress Romy Schneider, and the then superstar is trying to get his life in order at a hotel on the western French peninsula of Quiberon, away from alcohol and private worries. 3 days in Quiberon is built around an interview with a German magazine journalist who is looking for the definitive publication about the fallen star. The cat-and-mouse game that follows looks a bit straightforward, but that’s exactly why the film sometimes shows a true glimpse of the back of fame.

Charly Hübner and Marie Bäumer for 3 days in Quiberon.  Picture.

Charly Hübner and Marie Bäumer for 3 days in Quiberon.Picture.

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