These are the 11 best addresses in the Zoniënwoud district

The BRUZZ neighborhood guide is back, a handy little guide with addresses from 10 different Brussels neighborhoods. Our selection includes the best in food and drink, culture, service and shopping. Today we already serve our tips for Sonian Forest.

1. Le Flore

Enter this adventure and let yourself be treated like a prince (s). Four-legged friends included! Enjoy a delicious free tapas with your cocktail. What else do you want? The cocktails are delicious, but the winter specials on Wednesdays are mouth-watering.

2. Royal Lodge

© Fotostudio Tilborghs

† The Royal Lodge.

The racetrack used to be the pride of Belgian equestrian sports. Today, only the Royal Lodge remains. The racetrack has lost its splendor. The last race took place on June 16, 2001. A royal and green backdrop for this exclusive event. No one will miss this party.

Forest air

What does the forest have to tell you? Take a forest bath with Lena and get closer to yourself. Taking a forest bath can feel all kinds of emotions, but you leave the stress behind. Sun, rain, wind. Each element has its own meaning, each season has its own history.

4. Soko


© High level

† Interior Soko Rooftop with 360 ° view.

With a 360 ° view of the forest canopy in the Sonian Forest, you will not find a more breathtaking panorama in Brussels. It is not only tastefully decorated, but also in an environmentally friendly way. The furniture is made of recycled wood. On the eleventh floor of the giant office building you will find seventy seats, each with a beautiful view.

5. The drowned children

Here once stood Mr. Verdroncken’s mill, which he bequeathed to his children. ‘Verdroncken’s children’s windmill was mistakenly translated as’ Drunned children’. The morbid name has passed the test of time. These ponds are not far from the Hippodrome, which is ideal for after your golf lesson. Previously, they were built to supply fish and water to the mills. Do you want a walk? With the green walk you walk not only along this beautiful place but also along the nearby Vuilbeek valley.

6. Le Beauty GastroPub


© Be perfect

† Le Beauty Gastro Pub.

Gastropub is an English catering concept and was created after the economic crisis in the 1990s. A cafe with simple comfort food, that’s what it’s all about. This cafe is located near Groenendaal station. Enjoy the delicious aperitifs on site, because you do not have to drive. You can take the train! Fortunately, you can share the delicacies, because it is difficult to choose one dish. If you have to choose: nachos are delicious!

7. Neros Mountain Bike Trail


© Weekend Adventure

† A mountain bike against a pile of tree trunks along the side of the mountain bike trail.

An active excursion of 25 km by bike. A fast mountain bike is therefore more than useful. If you are covered in mud or sweat at the end of your walk, you can take a shower in the Groenendaal sports center. A varied cycling route in beautiful surroundings. The mountain bike route Nero is highly recommended, you can decide the intensity yourself.

8. Brussels Drohme Golf Club

Young and old can learn to play golf here thanks to the experienced teachers. Afterwards, you can enjoy a good drink in the cozy clubhouse. A typical Belgian cuisine, so you should definitely taste their mussels, in season! It is a golf course with a unique location: in the middle of the old hippodrome next to Ter Kamerenbos.

9. La Cabane


© Restaurant Guru

† The DJ table and the partying audience in La Cabane.

After several years of nomadic racing, Play Labels Records now has its own club: La Cabane. Do you need a break after dancing? You can also hang out at the bar at La Cabane or have a chat on the covered terrace. Sustainability is central to La Cabane. Get on a bike, metro or car and drink your first cocktail for free.

10. Sonian

Everyone feels welcome in Sonian. Does the hostess’ sweet smile have anything to do with it? In the tree house, with a breathtaking view, you will have the feeling of being on vacation, both summer and winter. Music lovers will enjoy the ‘Live form the Woods’ evenings. Keep an eye on the website.

11. Poppins Time

What makes a brisk walk in the woods? A homemade ice cream as a reward. Do you like to continue eating at home with the family? You also buy the ice cream here in a liter glass. The best ice cream in Brussels, especially the pistachio, is worth a try! Poppins do magic with ice cream, so be sure to try the original ice cream cake.

BRUZZ Guide – Quarters pt. 3

For the 3rd year in a row, we are looking for the best addresses in 10 Brussels districts. So make sure you have it within reach and let it guide you. It will be a feast for your senses.

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