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During the Dutch Open 2022, a four-day golf event at Cromvoirt in Brabant, co-sponsor KLM gave visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the Premium Comfort Class, which was officially launched on Friday. This is a new travel class between Economy Comfort and Business.

Dutch Open golf tournament has been associated with the KLM name for many years. For KLM, the tournament is an important platform for keeping in touch with important business associates. With the wooded greens in the background, the Michelin-starred restaurant Noble Kitchen within easy reach, and in close proximity to other stallholders offering their products for the more well-stocked wallet, KLM is a great place to showcase the product she markets to business travelers. , which must not fly World Business Class and tourists who want more comfort than in Economy Comfort.

To enjoy

More and more airlines are installing Premium Comfort in their aircraft, including KLM’s partners Air France, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. The blue society is now also responding to this development. The seats are designed by Collins Aerospace and are immediately reminiscent of the business class product of the last century at first glance. Not a sleeping chair, but a chair with a wider and thicker upholstered backrest that has more legroom. The seat can also be reclined further back than in Economy Class and Economy Comfort, however with the huge difference that someone sitting behind a ‘rocker’ and does not want to rock himself will not have a backrest placed a few inches away from the face. It is best to sit. Travelers booking for this class also enjoy priority check-in and boarding, are allowed to bring more luggage and are served better meals along with a wide range of selected wines and liqueurs. ONE convenience set will also be awarded, although a KLM house will be searched in vain.

Leading the way with sustainable products

Bas Gerressen, director of KLM Holland, is proud to be able to invest in this product despite the crisis. The fact that KLM was not at the forefront led to the advantage that they could look at the competitor, what the product should look like and at what price it could be offered. However, the Dutch airline wants to be at the forefront of the use of sustainable products in its Premium Comfort Class. This applies not only to the weight reduction of the chairs compared to previous versions, but also to the catering materials that are either recyclable (special cutlery, bowls and plates of lightweight polypropylene) or, if not recyclable, made from recycled PEF. Even bamboo toothbrushes including toothpaste in environmentally friendly packaging are part of the overall package aimed at sustainability.

Bes Geressen, director of KLM, during the presentation of Premium Comfort Class to the media © Lieneke Koornstra

Seating arrangement and fleet

In July, the first Boeing 787-10 was to be equipped with Premium Comfort. Then follow 787-9, 777-200 and 777-300. Because the last Airbus A330 is scheduled to be phased out in 2025, everything in these aircraft will remain the same. In the other long-distance machines, the number of seats in Economy Class is reduced. This is to make room for both Premium Comfort and more Economy Comfort seats. As a result, the total capacity of the long-haul fleet decreases. 777-300 goes from 408 to 381 seats, 777-200 from 320 to 288, 787-10 from 344 to 318 and 787-9 from 294 to 275. In Boeing 787, the Premium Comfort 2 seats come in a -3-2 arrangement, in all Boeing 777 in a 2-4-2 arrangement due to the somewhat wider hull. According to the schedule, all fifty long-distance machines were to be rebuilt in November 2023, hard work for KLM’s own technical department, KLM Engineering & Maintenance at Schiphol East. The aircraft in the Airbus A320neo series, which the blue airline will fly with to its European destinations in the future, must do without Premium Comfort.

very attractive

The first KLM flight for which it is possible to get a Premium Comfort seat is to New York and is scheduled for July 26. Los Angeles and Chicago are the next options. Next up will be cities on routes other than the North Atlantic, including Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam, Panama City and Delhi. It’s always about long trips, where a seat in Economy Comfort provides more legroom, but the narrow seat remains the same, and if the person in front of you is a ‘turner’ and you are not, it gets cramped there. The experience does not make much difference with a significantly cheaper seat on Economy Class, also known as the Favela for insiders. If the bag is still pulled for extra comfort during a long flight, Premium Comfort becomes a very attractive alternative to, according to Bas Gerresen, about double an Economy ticket. But not only that. It is just as important for the traveler who still wants to upgrade to Business Class. Ample comfort on the departure in Premium Comfort, on the way home you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in a fully flat seat, while the plane warms you to sleep.

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