uses cargo bike as a platform for art

ENKHUIZEN – cargo bike from Enkhuizen is fully committed to an art project. Two weeks ago, the painted cargo bike was launched by artist Frank Willems, this week it’s Enkhuizen artist Maarten Vets’ turn.

Maarten Vet, better known as VETART, makes music, but especially art. Almost every painting style is represented in his work, with lots of colors, surrealism, abstract imagination and psychedelic worlds. Inspired by many types of art that VETART has seen during his travels. In addition to art, he deals with old crafts such as forging and woodcarving, his interests are music, philosophy, art, nature, history, spiral worlds, technology and enjoying life. The vet did not have to think long and hard about whether he would provide a soci.cycle frame with his style. Maarten Vet is now available via’s website. The artist’s house, which is also his studio, is a vast fantasy world. This is also reflected in his painting of the frame. “I have used different colors and motifs. The cargo bike really represents my style, and I am very proud of that, ”says Vet. “I hope whoever buys this cargo bike will also be proud to ride it.” project with a good revenue model for artists

NEWS BIKE NEWS SOCIBIKE has it in its DNA to take a social place in the world, and because no other job is so challenging that ‘bringing color into your life’ can make a difference, they found on an art project with TheOlifants. In this project, (starting) artists get the opportunity to show off with the cargo bike as a platform for their art. The bikes are therefore unique and the artist is supported with the sale of the bike. offers artists a platform with a good revenue model. A large number of artists had signed up for the project. The next soci.bikes will be painted by Boxie and Johe van der One.

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The art bikes are all unique. Anyone who has not become the owner of a painted can become an artist themselves by choosing from one of the 240 frame colors. Make a nice photo, drawing or sketch and send it to The participant receives a free panel sticker with their own design, which is put on the cargo bike’s door. That way, any cargo bike becomes a work of art. This promotion runs until July 2022.



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