The news from week 21 summarized in weekly overview

What happened in Alphen last week? From several Alphen sports champions and the hunt for the new children’s mayor to cycling 800 kilometers for the Food Bank and a stolen rainbow flag. You can read this and more in’s weekly overview.


The coalition agreement was announced last week. This week, the spearheads of the four parties are to be discussed. The parties are compared in the areas of housing, sports and education, social conditions and participation, rural areas and traffic, as well as economics and sustainability. For example, the parties agree on the need for housing, and they are all in favor of the two projects relating to sports and education, the ice rink and the ‘Klein Ziggo Dome’. Furthermore, livelihood security is very important for all coalition parties, and the parties hope to make Kerk and Zanen more accessible by public transport.

The hunt for the new children’s mayor has also started this week. Who will succeed Safae Ahannay will become clear in the coming weeks. All children from group 7 from Alphen aan den Rijn municipality can sign up for this. There will also be a children’s council with the children’s mayor as chairman.

Last Tuesday, the rainbow flag in Burgemeester Visserpark was stolen. The flag would hang for a week. It is unknown what intentions the person who removed the rainbow flag had. A report has been submitted.

Police and enforcement

Several inspections were carried out in Alphen aan den Rijn last weekend. This resulted in several fines and two motorists were driven to the station because they may have been driving under the influence.

Also last weekend, a report was made about a person who wanted to throw large stones at cars on the Albert Schweitzer Bridge. Police spoke to the man in question and offered him appropriate assistance.

In addition, a motorist was taken without a driving license for the fourth time last weekend. Police have therefore seized his vehicle in the hope that the driver has learned from it.

To live and build

The start date for the long-awaited renovation of the Ridderhof shopping center was announced this week. The renovation will take place in two parts: the first part will start in October 2022 and the second part will start in January 2023. After a study of the wishes and needs of residents in Alphen, De Ridderhof has prepared a final plan.

The building of Near has been almost completely restored. It announced the organization this week. Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Foundation, the building has double glazing, new roof insulation and improved drainage. The eaves have also been renewed and the building has been painted in the original colors. They also hope to be able to install solar panels.

The last two parts about the intensification vision came online during the week. It described the places where the municipality plans to develop and what challenges it will face. The places the municipality will focus on are the integrated development zone, urban axes, hubs, stamp districts and acupuncture. The municipality will also take into account sustainability, mobility, quality of life and security.

The first three apartment complexes in the new construction project De Harmonie on Stuyvesantlaan in Alphen aan den Rijn were completed this week. There are a total of 110 apartments. In this area, emphasis is placed on a mix between living, working and recreation. The housing project will have two more stages, but it is not yet known when the construction will start.


There was also a lot of sport last weekend, which resulted in several champions in Alphen. On Sunday 22 May, the dance group MOVE IT won the Dutch championship, organized by the Dutch Dance Organization, in the category modern / jazz. The committee group in Studio Forza, JOY, also got a cup to take home, they became number two in the show dance category.

On Sunday 22 May, Hockey Club Alphen’s first men’s team also became champions after a draw against competition number two. As a result, they enter the transition class for the first time in HC Alphen’s history.

The Alphen volleyball club, VC-Castellum, has become champion with no fewer than three teams. The girls A, Ladies 1 and Gentlemen 3 can call themselves the best. Unfortunately, too many matches have been canceled among the seniors and Ladies 1 and Men 3 can only call themselves unofficial champions.

May 21 also started the last weekend of the Regional Championships Langebaan, in which AZC participated fully. In total, four medals were won. AZC proudly looks back on a successful weekend.

The ARC Heitinga Tournament traditionally started the Ascension of Christ on May 26th. This is the largest youth tournament in the Netherlands with around 1500 players and 6000 visitors.

Other news

Fans of historic trains could look forward to Sunday, May 22nd. Then the classic Hondekop 766 from the 1950s drove through Alphen aan den Rijn due to a donor ride. For years, these trains served as transport for NS ‘long-distance connections. In the early 1990s, Hondekoppen disappeared from the scene. The train departed from Utrecht Central Station at 09:38, where the journey also ended at 17:56.

Alphense actor and presenter Bjørn Remmendaal also got the chance to hit a real golf pro on Friday 27 May. During the Dutch Open 2022, the amateur can beat the pro on hole 8 with Beat the Pro!

The cultural platform Khabbaz is still looking for the perfect brooding for during Alphense Brug. Until 5 June, amateurs and professional poets have the opportunity to submit a poem they have written themselves.

On Friday, the chairman of Fødevarebanken Alphense, Dirk van Kampen, took a bicycle to Copenhagen. This is because the food bank has to pay an extra amount of € 12,000. To raise money for this, Van Kampen will cycle 800 kilometers for sponsorship money. He expects to arrive in Copenhagen on 4 June.

Due to excessive costs, the new Stitcher bridge will become a permanent bridge. Although this bridge will be quieter than a movable bridge, this is not ideal. A fixed bridge will constitute an obstacle to shipping and thus constitute a restriction on the network of waterways. The province aims to replace Straatterbrug within five years.

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