KunstZondagVorden: see, experience and experience works of art


VORDEN – On 12 June from 11 am to 5 pm, there will be KunstZondagVorden again. Willemijn Colenbrander, art and culture advisor and chairman of the KunstInVorden Foundation, cordially invites everyone to be surprised on this art route in the center of Vorden and the outer area of ​​valuable viewing experiences in visual art and design from past and present in special places. …

Take the time to take a closer look at, experience and experience the works of art and talk to the artists present, who are happy to tell about their search from inspiration to creation.

The following galleries, studios and museums open their doors and are – as always – recognizable on the KZV flag: Museum Achterhoekse Schilderkunst, Atelier Marian Merk, Atelier Dolm (Harry Wibier), Galerie Agnes Raben, Atelier Kunst van de Color (Aaf Renkema), Meta van Arkel, Godfried Kleinsmann, De Ezelstal, Marlies Meenks, Galerie en Atelier Scheltema and Riet Rexwinkel.

Info sheet
The KZV Info Sheet contains a route description for the participating locations as well as a description of the work. From now on you can pick up for free in VVV Vorden, Dorpsstraat 12a. The info sheet is also available at the participating galleries or visit the website.

What is there to see?
KunstZondagVorden stands for a diversity of contemporary professional visual art and design and visual art from the past with quality.

Museum of Achterhoek Painting or MAS Vorden wants to maintain and draw attention to the relationship that artists had and have to Achterhoek. This exhibition shows works by Jan Baptista Thate, Annebet Stam and Ingrid Zonneveld. Achterhoek impressionists and landscape painters as well as ceramics by Nella Francke.

Marian Merk is a painter in the traditional craft technique of modern realism. In her studio, she exhibits oil paintings with the themes of still life, portrait and landscape. She also teaches with these topics as a point of attention. During the corona lockdown, she wrote the book ‘Painting Hours for the Home’. In this book, she describes the making of small still lifes, glass, flowers, draperies and animals.

Atelier Dolm by visual artist Harry Wibier† Artists are admirers. Therefore, there is also work in the Dolm studio that is inspired by the art of great masters. In the Dolm studio you can also look at drawn and painted dolmens in different styles with different materials. Experience the ancient magic of his contemporary art.

In Gallery Agnes Raben is a solo exhibition with wire sculptures and jewelery by visual artist Karin Kortenhorst. She makes jewelry, objects and sculptures from different types of metal wire, such as silver, aluminum, iron, brass, copper and alpaca wire. Concepts such as space and boundaries inspire the artist and play an important role in her work: Without a framework, space remains unreal after all. The magic in Karin Kortenhorst’s sculptures is hard to capture in words. It is about the experience that requires the viewer’s presence in order to experience its beauty and significance.

INStudio Art of Color ‘ by Aaf Renkema, painting is the end product of a process that takes place between her and the world of color. Something completely new is emerging for the viewer. The viewer shapes the image into his own image. In Aaf’s paintings, it is possible to experience it in complete freedom

In Meta van Arkel’s house you can enjoy her pictures with the theme ‘The Beauty of Decay’.

St. The donkey stable Its mission is to manage and present its collection, consisting of works by artists of the 20th century from the abstract expressionism movement, to future generations. The collection currently consists of works by three visual artists: the artist couple Jan and Jetty Homan and the visual artist Gradus Verhaaf. Now in the exhibition space (originally an old donkey barn) there is an impressive group exhibition of these three artists and of course the beautiful recently published biography of Gradus Verhaaf.

Louky Scheltema studio and gallery is in a former school on the outskirts of Vorden. She makes abstract and figurative objects in glass, bronze and felt and paintings in acrylic on canvas or polycarbonate. The common thread is her amazement at nature and how nature adapts to human intervention. She also holds glass fusion workshops. Coffee, tea and a piece of cake are ready, parking at the end of the private road.

Eye-catching in pictures
In this edition, in addition to the special work in each place, there are three places that KunstZondagVorden wants to draw extra attention to.

‘s study painter Reed Rex store is located in the historic garden Het Wilmerink (1442). An ancient landscape and a great source of inspiration for her in colors, shape, height and depth, which is also reflected in her paintings. Her works arise intuitively, but memories can also be a starting point. Experience the paintings and the artist’s source of inspiration. Welcome to this special place.

Atelier Marlies Meenks (KZV guest artist). In her studio in the village of Medler you can see specially designed hats, surprising paper book items and illustrations from her book Body Whisper. Simplicity, individuality and different techniques.

Wood art workshop Godfried Kleinsmann (KZV guest artist). As a wood artist, he creates images that, on the one hand, stimulate the viewer’s imagination and, on the other hand, images that are recognizable. Nature is his source of inspiration, but also the unseen!

KunstZondagVorden is one of the KunstInVorden Foundation’s projects. This fund aims to organize, facilitate and stimulate professional art (all art disciplines) for a wide audience and specific target groups. Art in the public space makes art accessible to everyone and ensures that you get in touch with it spontaneously. Art is crucial for the development of the individual as well as for society as a whole.

Therefore, chairman Willemijn Colenbrander would like to draw the attention of interested parties to the art in the public space in Vorden, such as the bronze statue of the poet Staring and the rolling horse in the center of Vorden in front of Dorpskerk; Zaaddoos at Vorden station, the colorful glass object ‘Rondom’ at Horsterkamp, ​​the sculpture Fumbling Toddlers at the school De Hoge Voorde, Bilders Folly at Komvonderbruggetje and the monumental wooden object Upbring the children on the Hackfort property. Take a walk through Vorden, where nature, cultural heritage and contemporary art meet. More information on the website of the municipality of Bronckhorst Kunstwacht Bronckhorst.

Let yourself be taken into the worlds of art from the past and present and experience valuable viewing experiences during KunstZondagVorden!



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