XXL Nutrition: clear supply chain ensures better customer loyalty

XXL Nutrition: clear supply chain ensures better customer loyalty

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The pandemic has shaken many industries, such as the fitness industry. Since gyms have closed or restricted access, the fitness industry has responded by creating more online training products or outdoor bootcamps. A flexible and transparent supply chain is necessary for success in this competitive market.

In this issue of Brand Stories, Flexport and XXL Nutrition talk about how they respond to changing supply chains. Logistics organizations are full of inspiring and informative stories. In Brand Stories, these are told directly to you by them.

By digitizing its supply chains with Flexport, XXL Fitness was able to gain significant competitive advantages. When ports closed and aircraft and truck capacity became scarce, Flexport XXL Nutrition was able to help find faster alternatives and reduce costs.


Like many young companies shaping modern e-commerce, XXL Nutrition stems from the personal experience of its founder, Rene van der Zel. The fitness enthusiast was often unable to buy his favorite supplements locally in the Netherlands. So he went over to buy the necessary essential ingredients from Germany and even compose his supplements.

Van der Zel quickly realized that this also gave him the opportunity to sell his products to other athletes in the Netherlands – and the idea for XXL Nutrition was born. Within a short time, the online store became one of the leading supplement sites in Europe.

In response to the pandemic, XXL Nutrition chose to expand its range. Today, the online store offers sports equipment, clothing and supplements. But as the product portfolio grew, the complexity of the international supply chain and the intelligent management of material flows evolved into a challenging task.

Fortunately, XXL Nutrition had already digitized its supply chain in 2019 by transferring management to Flexport. The digital platform ensures full transparency in all supply chain processes, including

Platform solution

“During the pandemic, we found ourselves in a particularly challenging and disruptive market environment. Flexport’s platform solution enables dynamic and intelligent collaboration with customers and partners in a network to remain robust and adaptable and limit supply chain risks,” says Roel Linders, purchaser at XXL Nutrition .

Until 2019, the XXL Nutrition team managed its own supply chains and logistics partners. Roel Linders, responsible for non-food products at XXL, remembers well: ‘We communicated primarily via email and telephone with the various logistics partners and accepted the transparency challenges in the associated processes because we were not aware of a possible alternative. Then we came across Flexport and quickly saw the potential of the digital platform. ‘

XXL Nutrition now manages the entire management of its supply chains digitally on a central platform: ‘For us, the most important direct benefit is transparency. The fact that we can see the status of each individual delivery at all times ensures optimized workflows and communication, ”Linders explains.

“To give a simple example, by knowing exactly when each delivery arrives, we can manage our inventory more efficiently and thus provide our customers with much more reliable information about when a sold-out product will be available again. This increases satisfaction and our customer loyalty. ‘

Digital control

Especially in the changing times of the pandemic, the digital management of the supply chain has proved to be a great advantage, because XXL Nutrition can respond so much more flexibly and more quickly to the chaotic situation in the freight market and can immediately make necessary adjustments. The fitness specialist’s team also uses the platform to leverage Flexport’s customer service expertise to better tackle even the most extraordinary challenges. The XXL Nutrition team also uses the bulletin board integrated into the platform to communicate with each other. This effective form of cooperation ensures maximum resilience.

In recent years, the Flexport platform has become a popular, central tool for logistics managers at XXL Nutrition. The benefits go beyond transparency and better coordination of delivery processes, Linders explains: ‘We also lose significantly less time because we do not have to communicate with the parties in our supply chains.’

XXL Nutrition’s supply chain experts therefore agree that greater value chain transparency and proactive process management are fundamental success factors for their business. This is where Flexport’s platform solution comes into play, which takes the entire supply chain’s performance to a new level with the help of innovative technologies and end-to-end transparency.

This story was told to you by Flexport.


Logistics companies and organizations are full of inspiring and informative stories. In Brand Stories, these are told directly to you by them.

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