Greenspeed: “We believe in effective cleaners in tablet form”

The concept of probiotics is familiar to many people, but in connection with food. However, probiotics are also becoming more and more well-known in the cleaning industry. “Probiotics are good bacteria that we add to the cleanser,” explains De Bruin. “When these bacteria come to the surface to be cleaned, they immediately perform their cleaning work.” Probio Tabs removes organic dirt and neutralizes bad odors without harming the environment. After cleansing, probiotics continue to work for days, giving you a long-lasting result.

Michel de Bruin explains how the new Greenspeed Probio Tabs work during the Interclean Amsterdam 2022 cleaning fair.

Probio Tabs

Probio Tabs is intended for interior cleaning and sanitary cleaning and works simply and efficiently. De Bruin explains: “These are soluble tablets that we add to a spray bottle filled with three hundred milliliters of water. We have developed a spray bottle that is easy to use and can be reused indefinitely. That way we save on plastic. They is therefore intended for everyone who cleans on a daily basis: such as cleaning companies, hotels and offices.It is a very manageable product.You put a tab in the water that is completely dissolved after four minutes.This way prevents Probio Tabs overdose.You can use the ready-to-use spray with probiotics for up to three months. “

The future is concentrated

Greenspeed has been developing probiotic cleaning products for some time, but with Probio Tabs they are taking the next big step in the product line. “We made these tabs because we believe in effective, concentrated cleaning products,” says De Bruin. “We believe that it will simply be necessary so that we do not transport water unnecessarily in the future. Remember that we are active in more than thirty countries worldwide. You can then imagine how important it is to limit transportation costs. With these concentrated tablets, we have an amazing answer. We save up to 99 percent CO2 and 99 percent storage space. ”

Less CO2 and plastic

Probio Tabs is not only a good choice for the economic transport picture. Because you no longer carry water, you carry much less weight. “Obviously, it saves a lot of CO2 emissions in your logistics history,” explains De Bruin. The tabs are packed in a box, minimizing plastic waste. And you need less storage space for the same amount of product compared to a liquid cleaner. De Bruin: “Instead of five-liter bottles, you are dealing with a small box of six tablets. With Probio Tabs and the spray bottles, we have a very nice product that is completely safe and ecologically responsible. ”

Luxurious look

Probio Tabs is the answer to the question that customers asked Greenspeed at the previous Interclean. “The product is very well received here. Especially by the parties who came to us at the former Interclean and were very eager to use our probiotic products. So they are really excited that we can now deliver those products in concentrated form. The look and feel of the Probio Tabs and the spray bottle also appeal. It fits in with our new branding and the product concept we are pursuing: circular, healthy and surprisingly effective. ”

Keep innovating

Greenspeed’s mission is “along with cleansing the world with care”. They will also continue to develop their products in the coming years. It is clear to De Bruin that innovation is the key to the cleaning of the future. “It is important to really look for the right resources for your cleaning systems. That, of course, has always been the message, but now we really need to make use of the huge innovations and innovations that are out there. With our products from Greenspeed, but also the great innovations from our colleagues here at Interclean. Beautiful cleaning products that allow us to make cleaning faster, easier and more sustainable, and at the same time improve the level of hygiene. Focus on these types of products that will really make a difference in the future. Because it is in all our interests. ”

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