Parades, street parties and live concerts: this is how Queen Elizabeth’s 70th birthday will be celebrated

Sonia De BockSource: BBC, CNN

Thursday, June 2

The festive weekend will be officially kicked off at 11.00 GMT with a birthday parade for Queen Elizabeth, alias Trooping the Colors† In an impressive military display, more than 1,200 officers from the Queen’s personal troops will be accompanied by hundreds of army musicians and 240 horses. The procession begins at Buckingham Palace and goes across The Mall to the Horse Guard’s Parade, where members of the royal family on horseback and in carriages will take part in the parade.

After the procession, Queen Elizabeth and members of the royal family will have their usual balcony performance to make. The event concludes with an air show over the palace with historic and modern aircraft. BBC and Sky TV broadcast this event live and you can follow everything close to our website.

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Members of the royal family on the balcony in 2012. © WireImage

The household department made a final rehearsal last week for the official parade, which takes place on Thursday.

The household department made a final rehearsal last week for the official parade, which takes place on Thursday. © EPA-EFE

Friday, June 3rd

On Friday there will be one thanksgiving in honor of the Queen’s long reign. The service takes place in Saint Paul’s Cathedral in the presence of the Queen and her relatives. Great Paul, the largest church bell in the country built in 1882, will ring especially for Queen Elizabeth.

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Saturday, June 4th

More members of the royal family will go to the horse racing track in the afternoon Epsom Downs go for the 243rd edition of the famous Derby. Queen Elizabeth herself is an avid horse fan, but her presence at the Derby has not yet been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

In the evening around 20.30 the party bomb explodes and there will be one “Platinum party at the palace”concert to be held. World-renowned artists such as Queen, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer and Diana Ross will perform their biggest hits on three different stages for two and a half hours. If you’re still looking for concert tickets, it’s worth it, but the show will be broadcast live by the BBC.

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Sunday, June 5th

As a finishing touch, all Britons are encouraged to attend Pentecost as part of “Great anniversary lunch”Initiative to organize street parties. From barbecues in the garden to attempts to break the world record for the longest table on the street, gatherings will be held across the UK. More than ten million people in the UK are expected to attend to share friendship, food and fun. People all over the world are participating too. More than 600 international major anniversary lunches are planned in the Commonwealth and beyond: countries such as Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Switzerland also raise glasses for the Queen on Sunday afternoon.

The end of the four-day party weekend is it “Platinum Jubilee” Parade, where artists, dancers, musicians, military personnel and volunteers will unite to bring iconic moments from the Queen’s reign to life. Ed Sheeran will also be giving a big concert. The parade starts at 3.30pm and is broadcast live by the BBC. Gazet van Antwerpen also provides a livestream on the website all weekend so you do not miss anything.

File image of a street party in 2012.

File image of a street party in 2012. © Royal UK

The Queen greets some partygoers on the street in 2012.

The Queen greets some partygoers on the street in 2012. © BBC

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