New US sanctions against Russia-related yachts and planes, Putin’s chief financial officer

The US Treasury Department on Thursday announced new sanctions against Russian personalities and yachts as part of an attempt to “undermine key networks used by Russian elites, including President Vladimir Putin, to try to hide and move money and anonymously take advantage of luxury assets around in the world .”

The Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Ministry official said the measures were aimed at “a” Kremlin-based yacht brokerage firm, several prominent Russian officials, Putin’s closest partner and money manager, Sergey Roldugin, and a foreign asset manager under President Putin.

“Russian elites, even President Putin, rely on complex support networks to conceal, transfer and preserve their luxurious riches and assets,” Brian Nelson, the finance minister’s deputy secretary of terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a statement. “Today’s action shows that the Ministry of Finance can and will prosecute those responsible for protecting and preserving these illegitimate interests.”

Targets Thursday included “Cayman-flag Olympia and Russian-flag Olympia,” which the Treasury Department said “are prohibited properties of interest to President Vladimir Putin.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s yacht “Graceful” is moored in the port of Sochi, Russia, July 13, 2015. (Marcus Brandt / Image Alliance via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Russia’s largest bank has been fired from SWIFT in recent fines

While in command of Russia, Putin made several trips on these yachts, including a 2021 voyage in the Black Sea, accompanied by Alexander Lukashenko, the corrupt OFAC-appointed governor of Belarus, who provided support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. †

In addition to attacking Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry, the finance ministry says it has imposed sanctions on Putin’s economic “middleman” Sergei Roldugin.

“Sergei Roldugin is a close friend and part of the regime that controls President Putin’s foreign wealth,” the statement said. The two have known each other for more than four decades, and Roldugin is the godfather of one of Putin’s daughters. Roldugin is a cellist, conductor and artistic director of St. Petersburg’s Music House, a state-owned cultural institution in Russia. ”

Russian President Vladimir Putin issues an order to businessman and cellist Sergei Roldugin during an award ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, on September 22, 2016. (Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images / Getty Images)

The sanctions were also aimed at the Cayman Island-flagged yacht Madame Joe and a helicopter on board, which imposed sanctions on “member of the Russian State Duma and billionaire Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch,” the treasury said.

“Madame Jo’s 324 feet tall, $ 156 million. Madame Joe has an elevator, beach club and gym and requires major maintenance and repairs, including nearly $ 1 million for paint a year,” she added.

Flying Fox luxury yacht added in Dominican Republic

Flying Fox’s luxury yacht will be on display at Don Diego Harbor in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on April 7, 2022. The Treasury Department says it is “the largest yacht currently available for charter through Imperial Yachts.” (Ethan Swopp / Getty Images / Getty Images)

Other new sanctions on Thursday include Yuri Slyusar, “the head of United Aircraft, a Russian state-owned company that has supplied aircraft used by the Russian military to threaten and destabilize Ukraine” – and Imperial Yachts SARL, which also has “yachts” . -related services to elites, “said the Finance Ministry. The Russian Federation, including those in President Putin’s inner circle.


“If the yachts are not used by the owners, they can be offered for rent through companies like Imperial Yachts, which generates revenue for the owners, who in some cases belong to Russian oligarchs,” she added.

Russian yacht Flying Fox seen from the air

An aerial photo of the Russian yacht Flying Fox in the port of Don Diego in Santo Domingo on March 25, 2022. (Erica Santilis / AFP / FB via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The Treasury Department statement stated, “As a result of current actions, all property and interests owned by the persons identified above in the United States or in the possession or control of U.S. individuals are blocked and must be reported to OFAC.”

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