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The cultural coalition is founded as a citizens’ initiative and wants to create a broad partnership of the 5,000 Haaksberg art and culture practitioners.

Haaksbergen Kulturkoalition started on 23 May. This partnership, consisting of representatives from all walks of life in Haaksberg’s art and culture, has the mission to strengthen, expand and renew the arts and culture sector in and around Haaksbergen:

  • Expansion by involving as far as possible all target groups and individuals, young people, the elderly, newcomers, men, women, natives, immigrants, in cultural activities in Haaksbergen.
  • Innovation by stimulating collaboration and cross-fertilization between not necessarily obvious combinations of groups (think of a shanti choir and a children’s dance group, an artist and a rapper, etc.)
  • Strengthening existing organizations and initiatives by providing advice and information and providing a central knowledge base.

Kick-off meeting on May 23rd

‘It can only be such a historic day this 23 May 2022’, is how moderator Eléon de Haas started his presentation for Teater De Kappen’s well-stocked art space. During this meeting, the Cultural Coalition Haaksbergen (CCH) was launched. Formally, there is still a long way to go, but the most important thing is, of course, that a platform is created in Haaksbergen for the arts and culture sector.

What does Haaksbergen Kulturkoalition mean?

The art and culture of Haaksbergen is divided over many organizations and individuals, numbering up to about 5000 inhabitants in our municipality. CCH was founded as a citizens’ initiative and wants to make this a broad partnership.
CCH thus commits itself to the task of realizing a diverse, inclusive, full and healthy arts and culture sector, which is visible and accessible to all residents in Haaksbergen.
CCH will be a foundation consisting of a board, a Recommendation Committee (ambassadors), a steering group and preferably as many participants as possible from the Haaksberg arts and culture sector.

Concrete goals

CCH has three specific goals, namely:

  1. CCH initiates and organizes two to three major groundbreaking projects each year. An important prerequisite is that all cultural organizations and individuals in Haaksbergen can participate, and that the projects are organizationally sound and innovative, they serve as an example for the sector and show what is possible if the arts and culture sector goes together.
  2. CCH invests in the development of individual organizations and people who are active in Haaksberg’s art and culture by offering a helpdesk that supports them with all sorts of practical matters that mainly affect smaller initiatives, such as lack of volunteers, promotional materials, structural income . CCH will develop workshops and training programs for boards and staff, also on more basic topics such as how to deal with the changing society and the desire to make its organization inclusive.
  3. CCH acts as a representative of Haaksberg’s arts and culture sector’s interests by being a contact and consultation partner for important stakeholders such as the municipality and province, the business community and large cultural foundations. The desired result is a structurally sound art and culture policy in our municipality.

And now let’s get started

The board of the foundation (Rikky Dekkers, Tanja Lammers and Ingrid Pinkse) will now start to set the political lines.

A steering group, consisting of seven people who have made their mark in the organization of several events in Haaksbergen, will serve as pioneers for CCH. The steering group is among other things involved in arranging Twentse Bandnight, Revue performances, Sculpture Garden, Art Market, music lessons, WAK (Week of Amateur Art) and the NoaberMuziek Festival.
RTV Sternet provides a central communication platform for CCH, including a knowledge and exchange database and the helpdesk function. All participants in CCH can use this.

More information

Would you like to know more about CCH or would you like to participate (alone or as an organization), please send an e-mail to: and visit the website

For more information, visit the website of the Cultuur Coalitie Haaksbergen

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