KLM allows planes to fly empty, chaos at Schiphol complete | Internal

At Schiphol, the signs turn red due to countless canceled flights and street changes. Many travelers express their anger on social media.

KLM would cancel at least fifty flights this weekend due to the extreme crowds and staff shortages, but more flights are now being canceled.

“Due to adverse weather conditions and runway maintenance at Schiphol, many aircraft were unable to land or depart in Amsterdam,” KLM reports in the announcement. “This means that a large number of KLM flights were delayed or even canceled on Saturday. The number of passengers who were unable to travel from Amsterdam due to these external influences has increased sharply as a result. To ensure that a safe and usable situation for passengers and crew at Schiphol continues to exist, KLM has made the effective decision not to transport new passengers to Amsterdam. This decision is intended to ensure that stranded passengers can still depart from Schiphol as much as possible on Saturdays and that KLM can also fly as many flights as possible on Sundays. “

A Schiphol spokesman says there is actually a shortage of track capacity. The wind direction (from the northeast) now coincides unfavorably with the maintenance of the Aalsmeerbaan, which will take months. “I can not say whether a situation like this has ever taken place at Schiphol … The airport has been around for a hundred years.”

KLM can not be contacted for further explanation, but apologizes “to those passengers who can no longer travel to Amsterdam from certain European destinations, and to those who can not realize a transfer via Amsterdam to other final destinations. We understand that this “The decision, especially during the Whitsun weekend, has a huge impact on passengers. KLM emphasizes that they are doing everything they can to offer passengers an alternative flight as quickly as possible.”

The Association of Dutch Airline Pilots (VNV) says on Twitter: “Another big mess at Schiphol. This is the result of a short-term view of the airport and the airlines. Passengers and staff deserve decent management. “

The Dutch cabin crew association (VNC) says in a reply to De Telegraaf: “The state wanted at all costs to make Schiphol the cheapest airport in Europe; the lowest rates, the lowest salaries, control only costs instead of staff. We reap that. all the sour fruits of now. Incredibly poorly organized and business operations and entrepreneurship are completely destroyed. It is incomprehensible that the same government in KLM will now only control costs and thus make the same mistake. No wage increases, no room for growth. “

The crowds at Schiphol are “very worrying”, says the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. “Schiphol does not currently deliver the quality we expect from the airport. The Cabinet is in ongoing dialogue with Schiphol. In these discussions, the government urges Schiphol to do too quickly to resolve the issues, the ministry said.


Travelers talk about ‘madness’, ‘madness’, ‘monstrous’, ‘a shame for such a big airport’, ‘my life’s worst flying experience’ and ‘this is definitely a joke’. Aviation expert Menno Swart talks about ‘Black Saturday, the drama, the jungle’.

Traveler Bas van de Schootbrugge calls it a ‘logistical collapse of unprecedented proportions’. “My flight has been canceled, but wait … it’s returning empty to Schiphol due to staff shortages.”

“Instructors should be fired,” advises Fakhr-e-Alam. The staff is very polite and friendly, it is not their fault. Hundreds of flights canceled or delayed. That’s pathetic. “

Schiphol was the best airport in the world in 2012 and 2016, the most efficient in 2017 and the best in Western Europe in 2020, a traveler noted. “And now the worst in 2022.”

Passengers waiting at Stockholm airport to fly to Holland saw an empty city jumper go Saturday night. One of the people waiting at the Swedish airport is a Dutch woman. She said she saw the plane go empty around noon. 19:00, after her flight at. 17.30 was first delayed and then failed. Some of the passengers received a report that the plane had been canceled. People who had already been told they had been rebooked for Sunday stood in line and were assigned a hotel.

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