Artist visits during the Pentecost weekend


HEMRIK Various forms of art, indoors and outdoors, remote or in the middle of a village. 22 artists show their work and methods during the Art Route Opsterland during the Whitsun weekend. sah! got a taste of Truus van Dalsem, participating artist and member of the organizing working group Art in Opsterland.

Truus is a visual artist in ceramics and painting. She is very fond of colors, which can be seen in her newly opened cozy studio Passe-Partout on Tjalling Harkeswei. A good example is the painting of two Japanese geishas. “It’s been a series. I was fascinated by the kimonos with often a refined pattern, the obien (sash) and the function that these waiting ladies had.” As with all his paintings, Truus uses different materials: stone, leaves, glass and paper give the work a deeper dimension.

Truus has been engaged in art from an early age; first etchings and pen drawings, then pastels and later larger paintings. “My style lies primarily in the color combinations, harmonious with contrasts. Within the contrasts are harmony, light, shadow, depth, lines. I incorporate that in figurative and abstract work. ” Currently, the artist works a lot with ceramics, especially garden sculptures.

“Circles are my theme now. It is an archetype and dates back to prehistoric times. The round disc is the carrier on which I can store my structures.” First, she applies structures in the round, flat clay plate, after which the process of glazing follows. “I like to experiment with glazes and oxides such as copper, cobalt and iron. First I make a schedule, I use my test disks for that. ” She points to dozens of clay circles with glaze in different shades.

Truus van Dalsem returned to Friesland last year, after 12.5 years in France, where she gave painting and ceramics workshops on her own property. “Before that, I was a coordinating teacher in visual subjects at Frisian Poort in Drachten for thirty years.” She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amersfoort and the Minerva Academy in Groningen. She went on early retirement ten years ago. “Teaching takes a lot of energy, art has long been in second place. Now it is buzzing again. ”

She read the call about Kunstroute Opsterland, decided to sign up and joined the organizing committee. “I like that. I like to organize, it’s also part of my previous profession.” After two years, Kunstruten was put back on track and it went surprisingly well with 22 registrations. “The restart was not so bad, many artists were already involved, it was just a matter of writing again.” Still, Truus thinks there are many several artists active in Opsterland, and she hopes that one day they will sign up for the Kunstrouten.

“New this year is that we have municipal outdoor art on the route. Did you know that there are 55 outdoor works of art administered by the municipality of Opsterland? Seven of these are on the route, the others will be discussed in the following years. The inclusion of the public works of art was also the municipality’s wish. ”

In addition to Truus van Dalsem, the Working Group Art in Opsterland consists of Eva Kruis (Beetsterzwaag), Willy van den Bosch-Elzinga (Lippenhuizen), Leo Maarleveld (Ureterp).

Art route Opsterland 2022

During the Kunstroute Opsterland, 22 artists open their studios to the public to provide an insight into the artist’s world. In addition to the studios, galleries and gardens with art are also open.

Kunstroute Opsterland starts on Wednesday 1 June with an overview exhibition in the gallery Nynke & Blom, where a work of art by all participating artists can be seen. This gives visitors an idea of ​​the participants’ work so that they can then determine their own route. This exhibition lasts until Monday 6 June and can be seen daily from 13.00 to 17.00 at Kerkewal 24 in Gorredijk.

Councilor Libbe de Vries is responsible for the official opening of the Art Route on Friday 3 June (16.00). The 22 participating artists can then be visited on Saturday the 4th, Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th of June from 11.00 to 17.00.

The art route is free to visit. The organization sells lottery tickets (2 euros each). The winner will receive 200 euros to buy a work of art from one of the participating artists.

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