Maria from Brazil is looking for a warm home in Rheden or in the region

RHEDEN – At the end of August 2022, dozens of exchange students from all over the world will make their dream come true by being immersed in Dutch culture and customs for a period of time.

Also Maria from Brazil, who is going to spend her dream year in Holland in Rheden or the surrounding area. The exchange organization Travel Active is looking for an enthusiastic host family for her, who can offer her a warm home until the summer holidays of 2023.

Exchange to Holland

Maria participates in High School Holland’s exchange program for Travel Active. Travel Active’s High School Holland program allows foreign students to truly become part of Dutch culture by offering them a home with a Dutch family and giving them the opportunity to go to high school here.

A cultural exchange is not just an adventure for foreign students. The host family also learns about the culture and insights that a foreign student brings! You do not have to travel far to discover other cultures, traditions and languages, because you can also bring the world into your home with a foreign student.

Who is Mary?

Maria is an honest and flexible 17 year old girl from Brazil. She enjoys watching movies with her mother and often cooks or watches sports with her father. She also enjoys reading and lends her books out to friends. She is a family person and does many activities with relatives. Like playing volleyball with her cousins ​​and she likes to bake with her grandmother.

Her goal is to become a diplomat and would like to study international relations. “It has always been my dream to participate in an exchange. The Netherlands is the perfect country because it is very different from Brazil and I can get to know a new climate and nature! ” Get to know Mary better! See her profile on the Travel Active website.


Maria follows a group of adventurers who have already expanded their horizons in the Netherlands. Like Clara from Brazil and Willa from the USA. They have now finished their High School Holland years and enjoyed themselves here.“I really enjoy my exchange in the Netherlands, and it’s thanks in part to my host family. We do a lot of fun things together and I feel like I’m part of their family. “says Clara. The American Willa says that living with a host family is a special and unique experience.“I experience the real Dutch life up close. From cooking to cozy Friday nights on the couch. At the same time, my host family also learns a lot about my culture and customs. So it’s a real exchange. ”

Every year, many young people come to Holland to make their ‘High School Holland’ dream come true

Who offers Maria a cozy home in Rheden or the surrounding area?

Young or old, single or a family with children? Anyone with the right intentions can be a host family in the eyes of Travel Actives.

During the exchange, the host family and the student are supervised by a so-called local coordinator. This tutor is the cornerstone of the student and host family. The local coordinator also helps to get to know Dutch culture, for example by arranging local tours. Travel Active organizes events for students and host families so they can get to know each other and exchange experiences. It is voluntary to accept a foreign student. The host family provides food and accommodation. The other costs are at the student’s expense or Travel Active.

Have you become curious about Maria, the other foreign students and / or the High School Holland education? For more information, please contact the High School Holland team at[email protected]feel free to call 085 222 4810 or visit the website.

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