Aydin C. denies ‘not guilty’ in Canadian court

That’s what Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother, told reporters before the hearing. She said this is a very important moment for her.

Harassment and extortion

Dressed in a ‘dark shirt with a collar and his gray hair combed back’, C. is in the suspect’s box with thick plexiglass walls on three sides, reports the Vancouver Sun. He pauses and stares straight ahead.

On the first day of the session, the public prosecutor explained how C. went ahead, reports the Canadian television station CBC. For example, he would have used 22 different accounts on platforms like Facebook, Skype and YouTube to harass Todd. Between 2009 and 2011, Todd changed schools several times, but all the while she continued to be tracked by online accounts, which according to the prosecution all belonged to C ..

‘What should I do?’

The officer read out several examples of messages that C. would have sent to Amanda, such as this Skype message:

“There’s a video of your flashy breasts on blogTV,” to which Todd replied, “What should I do so you don’t show it to anyone?”

“Once a week we just do fun things on cam, that’s all,” was the response from C.

Topless picture on Facebook

Amanda Todd from Port Coquitlam, Canada, was 12 years old when she was persuaded ‘by a stranger’ to show her breasts on webcam. She was later approached by that person again. He threatened to send the topless picture to her friends unless she gave ‘a show’.

Two years later, the photo was circulated on Facebook to her friends, after which the bullying started. She was bullied online and at school. She became depressed, used drugs and alcohol and saw the only solution: to escape from her thugs.

She went from one school to another, but the pictures kept haunting her. Amanda posted a nine-minute video on YouTube on September 7, 2012, in which she notes how bullying made her life a living hell:

“I can never get that picture back. It’s out there forever,” one of the cries for help on the notes. Her dramatic story quickly spread around the world and was viewed many millions of times on YouTube.

One month later, in October 2012, she committed suicide at home.

Two years later, 35-year-old Aydin C. was arrested in a holiday park in Oisterwijk. He would have taken and distributed the deliberate nude photo of Amanda. He was extradited from the Netherlands to Canada in December 2020. The case was subsequently postponed several times.

Open letter suspect

The man is not charged with her death, but is charged with extortion, criminal threat, lure and child pornography. In 2015, Aydin C. sent an open letter to RTL Nieuws, in which he claimed he was innocent. He says he has had contact with Amanda, but denies that he posted the picture online.

His lawyer tells the Canadian TV channel CBC that he is happy that the case ‘finally starts’. He said there was little evidence.

Mother face to face with C.

Amanda’s mother came face to face with C. during the first court hearing today, where she appeared as a witness. She described her daughter as a young woman with an interest in art, singing and social media. Amanda had taught herself to make vlogs at an early age. “Like many kids her age, my daughter wanted to be the next Justin Bieber to be discovered on YouTube.”

She described how her heart skipped a beat when, shortly before Christmas in 2010, she received a disturbing Facebook message from an unknown person. “It was a link to a video. It was her topless. Upper body. Did I click the link to continue watching any of the video? None. I understood that what I wanted to see, what had happened, that it was child pornography. ”

Mother Carol has been committed to helping parents of children in similar situations since her daughter’s death. In 2017, she told RTL Nieuws that she feels sorry for people who have to hurt others:

The case against Aydin C. in Canada is expected to last for 35 days. The public prosecutor also plans to testify against the Dutch police officers who searched C’s house in 2013 and 2014 and then seized computers and hard drives. If convicted, he will serve his sentence in the Netherlands.

Although he is acquitted, he goes into a Dutch cell. In 2017, he was already sentenced to ten years and eight months in prison for allegedly abusing 34 other young girls and five men. He is serving that sentence here.

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