How to make Anders And and see historic ships: Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Rapalje hosts the Zomerfolk Festival in Groningen, the canals in Meppel are full of historic ships, Latin American nichos can be made in Vries and Storyworld shows how Anders And is created. Five tips to have fun in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days.

To make Latin American nichos

In Latin America, nichos or wall cabinets are filled with images, symbols, and objects that are important to the creator. Sometimes as a memory box, in memori, a religious theme or as an art object. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s colorful world, you increasingly see the nichos as a mood maker in the house.

Anneke Zuidberg and Yvonne Westerhof from Place the World tomorrow in Vries a workshop where you get to know the background and meaning of nichos in Latin America and paint, decorate and fill your own nicho. Submitted via

Vries – Place De Wereld, tors kl. 19, 30 euros

Historic ships in the canals

Next weekend it will finally find it again in Meppel channel festival Place. The city center is filled with a number of historic ships. Attractions such as the historic Navy, the fair, the pods festival and the pirateshanty choir festival are again on the program this year. The Royal Dutch Navy is also present again. The entire program can be found at

Meppel – Channels, Fri to Sun, free

How is Anders And made?

Anders And, who did not grow up with it? The immensely popular, moneyless and short-hearted duck in a sailor suit got his own weekly magazine in Holland exactly 70 years ago. Reason enough that the comic book, animation and game museum Storyworld in Forum puts him in the spotlight.

Central to this temporary exhibition stands the production process of Anders And comics. They start with a scenario that the reader would not normally see. But now it is. You will discover how seasoned writers like Frank Jonker and Jan Kruse write Donald Duck stories. In addition, there is of course attention to drawing and coloring of the comics. In the Spotlight room of Storyworld, you can admire original comics and illustrations that show different phases of the drawing process.

Each artist begins by making sketches to explore how these drawings will have the best effect on the viewer. Storyworld shows works by artists currently working on the weekly magazine Anders And, including: Michel Nadorp, Maarten Gerritsen, Jan-Roman Pikula, Henrieke Goorhuis and Tim Artz. The exhibition can be viewed until 30 October.

Groningen – Storyworld, until October 30, Tuesday to Sunday at. 10-18

Maartje Ilse Jansen and Maartje Bezemer

The work can be seen in the Stedelijk Museum Meppel until Sunday Maartje Ilse Jansen and Maartje Bezemer. Both young artists live and work in the region and will graduate from art schools in 2021, amid the raging pandemic. Bezemer at the Classical Academy in Groningen and Jansen at Artez in Zwolle. These courses are seen in the art world as almost contradictory in terms of the artistic point of view.

The works of art that can be seen in Meppel, however, formally show similarities. But is it really like that? The visitor is given information and background information to become a researcher. But you can also just enjoy all the beauty.

Meppel – Stedelijk Museum Meppel, even Sun, Fri to Sun at 13-17, 5 euros (12 to 18 years 2.50 euros)

Enjoy the summer with Rapalje | advertising

This weekend in the city park in Groningen by the band Rapalje will be Zomerfolk festival organized. In the middle of nature, visitors can visit performances by artists from home and abroad.

There is a children’s town with lots of entertainment and in the evenings bonfires are made. In addition to all the activities and music, there is also a market to visit. The entire program can be found at

Groningen – City Park, Sat 12 and Sun 13.00, 20 euros

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