ASSA ABLOY is fully involved in BIM thanks to Openings Studio ™

However, the holistic nature of BIM has long delayed its overall implementation. It should not come as a surprise. In order to be meaningful, BIM actually had to meet two crucial requirements: on the one hand, to cover in the smallest detail the wide range of services and interventions associated with the design of a building, on the other hand to ensure vertical integration (from the architect over the design studio, the project developer and the main contractor to specialized subcontractors). This therefore required the creation of a platform that is at the same time sophisticated, focused on pragmatic solutions and able to create the necessary conditions for collaboration.

Therefore, the general breakthrough for BIM has only come a little bit: the ISO / FDIS 19650 standard, which relates to BIM, has not been in force for quite some time. Parts 1 and 2 of the standard were first published in 2019 by the International Organization for Standardization, and parts 3 and 5 followed in 2020. Part ISO / FDIS 19650-4 ‘Information exchange’ is currently being finalized.

At ASSA ABLOY, BIM was integrated into the service package about ten years ago. Alexandra Quix, Building Projects & Specifications at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions: “It was our American colleagues who pioneered the use of BIM. We launched the Openings Studio plugin in Belgium five years ago and continue to be a leader in Europe. “

Mobius I and II

The sister towers Möbius I and II, located on the northern outskirts of Brussels, are exemplary in this respect. They are designed by assar architects, an internationally recognized Brussels office with offices in Liège, Antwerp, Luxembourg and Paris. The designers combined the intended aesthetics, which are based on lightness and elegance, with a particularly tight integration of BIM. Architect Charlie Malou, who was part of the team responsible for the Möbius project at assar architects: “The aim of BIM is to centralize information and ensure a fluid sequence of actions, eliminate the risk of errors and allow dialogue between the parties involved to be facilitated.”

“Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the ASSA ABLOY BIM team, we had access to specific and detailed information about the doors and the associated safety equipment at all times,” says Charlie Malou. As part of this project, which was completed in 2021, ASSA ABLOY supplied hinges and locks for 1,800 doors in the two tower buildings – standard doors, fire doors, security doors and emergency doors.

Powerful instrument and ditto advice

“Openings Studio ™ is compatible with the two most popular software on the market: ArchiCAD and Revit, the comparable software package at AUTODESK,” explains Alexandra Quix. “The plugin offers both 2D and 3D functions, and the popularity of 3D visualization is particularly high. In Belgium. In general, there is continued momentum with a growth of around 40% in the Belgian market.”

Mattias Colla is BIM Manager Benelux. “For me, it’s about being involved in a project from the very beginning,” he emphasizes. “To maximize the benefits of BIM, it is important that all questions are asked very early in the process. I advise not only the architects, but also the BIM managers of the various companies involved.”

“The idea is to create a true Openings Studio osystem ecosystem within BIM so that we can monitor all phases of the design and construction process at the door level,” he continues. “This is why, in addition to the PC version, we have developed a mobile variant for smartphones and tablets. This gives us access to Openings Studio ™ directly on the spot, for example by simply scanning the QR code on a door.”

“Today, most BIM projects are still quite large – 10,000 m² or more. In this connection, it should be noted that BIM is now mandatory for public procurement in Belgium. But for some architects, the trend is also towards the use of BIM- tools – including 3D – in residential and private projects BIM simplifies project management, regardless of their size: Instead of tedious and infrequently updated PDF plans and Excel files, there is a platform that is updated in real time, updated and available to everyone involved at all times.

Manage access solutions in all phases and in detail

“Openings Studio ™ fits perfectly into a DBFM (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) approach,” adds Alexandra Quix. “The plugin allows the contractor to supervise the execution, and in the specific case of doors, the carpenter is also involved. Openings Studio ™ gives each stakeholder the right ‘level of detail’ to manage the construction site’s management, execution and thus budget. Is not the main goal of BIM, it also improves sustainability as it can be quantified very early in the process and therefore the margins of error can be minimized, for example depending on the situation to achieve points in the BREEAM classification or for LEED certification.

“In addition, Openings Studio ™ is also useful for the facility manager in the use phase: it is enough to scan the QR code for a particular door to access all specifications and a smart link to the details of the hinges and locks used. Gives this versatility, Openings Studio ™ is designed as a powerful yet easily accessible tool that does not require knowledge of CAD software for architects, but also works in ‘standalone mode’ in three language versions: French, Dutch and English. “

ASSA ABLOY has configured the user interface so that it is easy to use and convenient. The screen is divided into three parts and at the same time shows the hardware set, the 3D visualization and the door diagram, which summarizes all the door’s properties – including dimensions, materials, acoustics, fire behavior and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate – in question.

Alexandra Quix sums it up as follows: “The design of doors and hinges and locks can be very complex, given the different standards, safety requirements and number of products available. It can therefore be quite a headache to make a door scheme from scratch. That is why our intervention very useful: By integrating the necessary elements into BIM, Openings Studio ™ can create a more reliable and accessible foundation that streamlines the management of access solutions for all stakeholders. “

“Openings Studio ™ is also interactive: you can zoom in on a door, communicate via the plugin, and when you assign a bracket set to a door, you have instant access to the details of the parts, descriptions, references, product images and their market price for the general public, ”adds Mattias Colla.

Reports in PDF or Excel

For Alexandra Quix, the ability to generate reports in PDF or Excel format is also an asset at Openings Studio ™: “The reports can be fully customized and may include prices and / or photos of the products. These BIM-based reports are intended for the architect , the main contractor – who can use them to appoint subcontractors – or the distributor, who can thus complete his price offer. At our level, all available products can be integrated into the process, as we can assortment of BIM door solutions generate all data from the launch of a product (including permanent updates). “

“After introducing the Revit version of Openings Studio ™ in the Benelux, we have consolidated our market presence through the launch of Openings Studio ™ for ArchiCAD. The trend is clear: especially in large projects, the number of doors is very high, with technical requirements, configurations and security levels that can vary a lot ASSA ABLOY’s BIM plugin helps keep this complexity under control – from the design phase to maintenance in the use phase It is simply more user-friendly, more efficient and more relevant for all parties involved, «she decides .

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