Full color: ‘Almost the whole world is on stage’ – De Drontenaar


By Leo Polhuijs

KAMPS – Campers can once again enjoy themselves to the fullest on 17 and 18 June during the Full Color Festival. A lot of music and good food and drinks are on the program during the multicultural festival. Kampenaar Jos Hogenbrik is the overall festival coordinator. He is constantly to be found on the festival site during the two festival days, from the installation of the first road sign to the removal of the last. “The visitor is going to see a lot of surprising things in one place and in a short time.”

Jos, who himself works in the event industry, is happy that the party can be held again after the corona. He had never been involved in the festival as an organizer before. “During the last edition, in 2019, I co-organized the Full Color Run, which will be held again this year. The profit from the race goes on Friday to Veluwse Wens Ambulance and the Foundation Adapted to Sport Kampen. ”


The festival is held in Byparken. Jos does not praise it – commercial character. ‘There is no need to make money. You can feel it in the atmosphere. ”

To emphasize that every resident of Kampen must be able to visit the festival, people with a thinner wallet are also considered. Jos: “That way, the customers at Fødevarebanken get a kind of strip card with which they can visit the various activities.” Special cash registers are set up to issue coins that festival goers can use to pay.

The core of the festival is formed by The full color market on Saturday. Jos: “Here you will find snacks and drinks from the different cultures represented in Kampen and you can enjoy goodies from all over the world and the region. There are also organic products. This multicultural market attracts many visitors from other cultures. Very cozy.”

Visitors can enjoy Brute Beers on both festival days. Several breweries provide an unforgettable specialty beer experience. A beer truck and a pizza oven add extra ambiance
The organization of the Full Color Festival is in the hands of the WijZ Foundation, MFC Korteweg / ‘t Ukien and is partly made possible by financial contributions and the various sponsors. The festival is being held for the twenty-fifth time, so an anniversary edition. Some co-organizers have been active from the start. “A great achievement,” says Jos. ” Because there is always a lot involved in the organization.
We have a corps of more than two hundred volunteers who make the preparations and make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day itself. Among them are a number of people who have contacts in the music world far beyond our borders.

Thanks to these contacts, for example, managed to record Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orchestra. This special group will perform Eastern European party music on Saturday night. I’m really proud that we can bring this band to Kampen. An absolute smash hit, in my opinion. The artists perform a variety of music during the festival, from gospel to rock and come from all over the world. Virtually the whole world is on stage. ”
Visitors can also enjoy performances of hip hop and rock by Springstof, klezmer music by Quintus and the band Sturgeon. A band will also perform, composed of musical status holders from AZC. Jos: ” The performances on the main stage are perhaps the most eye-catching and will definitely be very special. But of course there are other places where there is something to do. ” The organization works with other parties, such as Quintus, which is responsible for the Quintus scene and children’s workshops, among other things.

Other program components are the activities at the Hanzeluiden Scout Area, the Nature Playground and the Petting Zoo. In addition, the audience can see fun pop-up acts, theater and dance. The library reads to the little ones.

The full color festival starts on June 17 at 17.30 and continues until kl. 01.00. On June 18, the festival starts at 12 noon and ends at midnight. General information about the program: www.fullcolorfestival.nl.

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