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GAANDEREN – One hundred and fifty years ago, the archery guild Sint Martinus Gaanderen was founded. An anniversary book has been written in honor of this, the Gaanderfest will be celebrated on Saturday 25 June and a festive archery competition with fifteen associations from Kring de Achterhoek on Sunday 26 June.

By Josee Gruwel

Pastor Luyck was the initiator of Sint Martinus Gaanderen. In 1871 he started the company Sint Martinus. True to tradition, it consisted of thirteen young, intrepid single guys who, when married, had to give up their duties. That task was to protect the village. So there was practice with weapons. They should also help in case of fire or flood. But because they did not have a daily job, they were also used by the pastor in the hand and span worship services for the church. ‘As a thank you, there was a party every year, and it quickly sprang up the annual amusement park’, as can be read in the anniversary book ‘Haltandet århundrede Schuttersgilde Sint Martinus Gaanderen’. The 582-page book, written by Jos Heutinck, Bart Stevens and Martin Booiman, provides an insight into the rich history of the Gaander Archery Guild. “It’s a wonderful book,” said President Gerard Huntink.
The anniversary festivities were postponed due to corona. There was only one reception in September 2021, where Mayor Boumans presented the Royal Medal of Honor, a special award to the oldest association from Doetinchem municipality.

Now the anniversary can still be celebrated. On Saturday evening, 25 June, Gaanderfest, ‘small fair area’, will be held in the tent at Sportpark de Pol. The tent, which can accommodate about a thousand people, opens at 8 p.m. The music on this anniversary night will be provided by ‘Bandje voor de Atmosphere’. If you buy a ticket at the ticket office by the tent, you pay 15 euros. In advance sale a ticket costs 12 euros 50, available at ‘t Pömpke Verhuur and at Koenders’ t Ware Huis in Gaanderen. When you buy two tickets, you get the anniversary book for free. If you do not buy tickets, but still want the book, you can get it for 25 euros at Koenders’ t Ware Huis. Those who bought the anniversary book last year with the two free tickets have free admission on the anniversary night with these tickets. If you want to get in the mood, you can watch a movie at Officer Harry Scholten: “Members of local shooting clubs are also looking forward to our party.”

archery competition
After three years in which no shooting competitions were held due to the corona, the shooting competition will take place in ‘Kringdag de Achterhoek’ on Sunday 26 June. Fifteen associations from Kring de Achterhoek, the largest in the country, participate. “We last organized such a competition eleven years ago,” said Klenner and Scholten, who are both members of the competition committee. Scholten: “The manuscript has about eighty pages, but the organization has run like clockwork until now. The only major change is that the fields now have artificial turf. It requires a different approach here and there. The reception will be in our club building at 9.00 on Sunday, where royal couples and invited guests gather. After welcome and speeches, the mayor offers honorary pigs of Doetinchem municipality, an ancient ritual. The official opening is at 11 a.m. with tribute and flag raising. This is followed by a parade of march competitions through the village, where the militia groups present themselves. In the afternoon around 13.30, the various competition elements take place on De Pol Square, where turners, music corps, majorettes, archers, the beekeeper, market people and circuit kings take part. The award ceremony follows around 6 pm, when the youth king, the circuit king and the circuit emperor are inaugurated. Klenner: “We hope for good weather.”

Looking to the future
The anniversary year ends with the fair, from 10 to 13 September. Huntink: “We hope it can continue. The imperial shooting is especially Tuesday morning. We do this every five years. All kings can then shoot to become emperors. “Thereafter, the association continues its history, a history in which the purpose has always been the same: to maintain Gaanderen and guild traditions and to promote social, cultural and sporting activities within and for the benefit of Gaanderen In addition to support activities, including music and banner tributes during the carnival, Easter bonfire, King’s Day, memorial service for the dead, four days in the evening, the St. Maarten lantern parade and the arrival of Sinterklaas, the main task remains to organize the annual fair. “With its own clubhouse and De Pol Square in front of the door, our archery guild is privileged,” Huntink says. With this, the Rifle Guild Sint Martinus Gaanderen, with about one hundred and forty members, can face the future. ”

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