Large delegation from UAE to the Netherlands for GreenTech week

In the week of 12 to 17 June, dignitaries, investors and horticultural entrepreneurs from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will visit the Dutch horticulture. The incoming mission from the United Arab Emirates is officially led by Her Excellency Sheikha Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, UAE’s Minister for Climate Change and Environment. According to the Dutch Greenhouse Delta, the visit will lead to ‘consolidating and expanding cooperation and gaining insight into how the Dutch ecosystem and Dutch advanced and high-tech solutions contribute to food safety and security.’

The UAE has a clear ambition to become more self-sufficient and to produce fresh food locally in an efficient and sustainable way. In recent years, the UAE – both the government and the business community – have shown great interest in Dutch advanced and high-tech solutions for producing food-safe and food-safe products. They have been visited by the Dutch horticultural cluster with outgoing missions, and an extensive network of relations with governments, investors and horticultural entrepreneurs has now been established. The mission in June is organized by the embassy and the horticultural post in the UAE in close cooperation with various Dutch sector parties. The central themes of the mission are: food production, horticulture training, start-ups and scale-ups, investment and finance and the role of governments.

Contribute to efficient and sustainable food production
In addition to a visit to GreenTech in RAI Amsterdam, known as the worldwide meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology, the world horticulture exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere will also be visited. The remaining days are filled with meetings with horticultural (technology) companies, government institutions and agricultural training institutions. There are also plenty of opportunities for networking and matchmaking.

The Dutch horticultural cluster already organized the successful Horticulture Days at Expo 2020 Dubai (UAE) in February this year, where the Netherlands showed that it has all the necessary knowledge and solutions in-house to design food production in an efficient, sustainable and safe way. thanks to the ‘Uniting Water Energy Food’ theme. Many leading entrepreneurs from the UAE attended the horticulture days. Sky Kurtz, CEO of the innovative company Pure Harvest Smart Farms, said: “What I find striking about the Netherlands, and what you only find in the world in Silicon Valley, is that ‘Tuinbouw Nederland’ has all the elements of the ecosystem: investors, governments, technology companies, service providers and retailers; from development to sales. They work closely together and have great knowledge and all understand the value that each represents. “

Dutch innovative technology in the UAE
The Netherlands has a leading position in the world in horticulture (technology) and the development of horticultural projects abroad. Dutch Horticulture has the knowledge, expertise and technology to support countries and cities around the world to become more self-sufficient in food production and to produce food efficiently all year round. Even under the most challenging climatic conditions, such as in the UAE, where high temperatures and limited agricultural land and natural water resources make food production particularly challenging.

A good example of how Dutch innovative solutions are used in the UAE is Armela Farms; the largest producer of aquatic lettuce in the UAE. A specific concept has been developed for them, where both the air and the supplied CO2 are recycled almost one hundred percent. This enables them to grow leafy vegetables in a sustainable, high-quality way.

Armela farms

Another appealing example is the new state-of-the-art indoor farm Madar Farms in the port area of ​​Abu Dhabi, where 5,000 m2 tomatoes and cress are grown. This indoor farm uses Dutch technology to grow completely free of plant protection products. All the water is recycled, the CO2 is dosed very efficiently and the entire cultivation runs on electricity.

Madar farms

Special program in the Vision Theater at GreenTech
Specifically for these incoming missions, GreenTech is organizing an interactive and international program on the opening day of the Vision Theater, specifically addressing the climate challenges and developments in the UAE. Minister Almheiri will give the go-ahead and companies will discuss how the use of sustainable and innovative technologies offers solutions for the water-food connection: “Water supply for agriculture and horticulture is a growing problem in the Gulf region. The United Arab Emirates is working hard to address this challenge, as the availability of water has a major impact on the availability of adequate, safe and affordable food for the growing population.The close cooperation between governments, business and knowledge institutions in the UAE and the Netherlands has led to an approach , where building food-tech valleys is central, “says Mariska Dreshler, CEO of GreenTech.

Arrange parties
The incoming mission is organized by AVAG, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, GreenTech, HortiHeroes, Innovation Quarter, Agricultural Council of the UAE, the Dutch Embassy of the UAE, Rotterdam Partners, Top Sector Horticulture and Propagating Materials, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and World Horti Center.

Source: Dutch Greenhouse Delta

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